Friday, April 1, 2011

Pinewood Derby Time

Earlier this week we got the opportunity to go watch & compete in the Pinewood Derby car races for the cub scouts I am in charge of. We brought the whole family to watch the races, but it was apparent after only a few minutes that it wasn't going to be practical for the twins to stay, they just wanted to walk toward the track, so Cory took them home & left Phoebs & I to do the cheering
Phoebe loved the races, she sat in the front row and clapped & clapped as the cars raced down the track. She even got to press the start button once which was a real highlight for her!
Our 4 scouts did excellent! They took 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 7th place; above the1st and 3rd place cars are pictured. Phoebe did very well watching the many heats of car races; she was even more attentive and patient than I became as the races drug on and on. Good thing for me it's only once a year.

Phoebe's First Visit to the Dentist

This week was Phoebe's first visit to the dentist. I was a bit nervous for her because I wasn't quiet sure how she was going to react to all the dental exam. I tried to make the dentist seem like something that was going to be fun and exciting by reminding her and telling her that the dentist brushes her teeth, which is one of her FAVORITE things to do.  
Phoebe was so good at the dentist she sat like a princess, it didn't hurt that they let her watch Tangled during the appt. Phoebs did everything they asked her to do and more. She was in fact sooo good that they gave her extra prizes, an extra toothbrush and a ring, which is funny because I asked Phoebe earlier in the day if she knew what you did at the dentist and she answered, "Get married?"  Well she didn't quiet get married, but she did get to pick out a sparkle ring.
I had promised Phoebe earlier in the day that if she was a good girl at the dentist that she could have a princess doll when we got home, so here she is with her shiny new Aerial doll & dentist prize pack. Phoebe is now really EXTRA eager to brush & floss several times a day to get all the "sugar bugs" that the dentist told her about out of her teeth.

When You're Not Lookin'

Everyone always says you need to watch toddlers ALL the time or they will get into things...well, that saying goes double for our family.  
Josh demonstrated his tricky acrobatic skills one day during a tantrum of Cami's. He some how got himself stuck in this chair. We aren't sure how he got himself into this position without hurting himself because it took quiet bit of effort for figure out how to get him out of the chair bars.
Cami decided one day while I was grocery shopping that she was hungry so she grabbed one of the bananas I had in the cart and just started eating it. I had to the explain to the cashier a couple times that the banana was not pre- mangled by the store, but instead my daughter was eating the banana and so I was still going to pay for it. I also found upon arriving home some red haired little mouse pre-sampled one of the tomatoes I picked up too.
This picture also sums up why I avoid shopping with all the wee ones... there almost no stores with enough strap in seats for 3 kiddos, so one has to walk/wander off or one has to sit in the cart and then gets into things.