Friday, July 11, 2014

May 2014 Tidbits

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At the very start of May Phoebe finally got her daddy date at Home Depot, something she really wanted to do! she painted a flower stand and got to pick out a pretty petunia to plant in it. She was really proud to bring it home and show me.
One day while going through some pic on my phone I found this crazy Sophie pic, I think Phoebe and her were playing with the camera. This pic definitely makes me smile to see.
One night as we were giving last kisses we found Josh 1/2 way dressed ready for church the next day. Unfortunately we had to wake him up and change him because she sweats pretty badly in his sleep.
On Cuartro de Cinco we celebrated our 0.0% Mexican heritage with bright fun color mariachi band music and of course some of the most delicious Mexican food ever!
For mother's day this year Cory really thought of one of the best gifts drawers for the bathroom. For some reason our new house came with NO bathroom drawers, which is something that always annoyed us so Cory built me bathroom drawers. Sophie was excited to help, or at least sit in the the cabinets and be in the way as daddy tried installing them.
The kiddos also did a GREAT job decorating some awesome cards for me which I LOVED!
Us Fergys also have the tradition and on Mother's day that Cory cooks so we always have yummy Brazilian food. This time it was Brazilian Stroganoff, which is something new for us and was was DELISH!
I love this random pick because even though the twiners have the whole couch to themselves, they still prefer to snuggle up to each other.
In May I chose randomly to start a new and bold project for me , an omber wall...let me tel you I LOVE how it turned out. I made up all these colors by mixing sample we had around the house or old paint, so this was an entirely free project for me.
Sophie must have also been digging the stripes, because this is the outfit she chose all by herself to wear, luckily we had no where to go.
In the middle of May we also entered  a contest for Zions bank called the Dream Theme $10,000 Photo contest where you were supposed to take a picture of something you would like to change and or a picture of what the change would be, so I photoed our back yard and Cory drew up the picture of what we would like our yard to look like. We put them side by side along with a 200 word essay explaining why we need the money & what we want to do with the money of we won. We entered in our entry on the last day possible (a Friday) and on Monday we were notified that we were chosen as one of the 12 finalist. It was then up to us to get people to go vote for us. I hate asking people to do things like this, but luckily I only had to be super annoying for 5 days, which paid off because the following Wednesday we were told we WON!
May also brought another Fergy family baptism this time for cousin Emma, she was adorable in her dress and we all got to enjoy a yummy lunch afterwards. I can't believe the next Fergy baptism we attend will be for our wee  Phoebs!
For a random daddy date one night when the kiddos where sleeping well Cory took both Josh and Sophie out separately in each car to go through a car wash. Sophie loved it and pointed out all the cool things, Josh on the other hand started out fine, but by the end was in full hysterics.
In the end of we we were super thrilled that Grandma/pa Potts & dog made their annual homage to Salt Lake to visit. We made sure to get in dog walks, the kids FAVORITE activity and something all 4 fight over to do.
We made a fun special visit to grandma/pa's hotel to enjoy their free breakfast, which turned out to be a total hit and possible a new tradition!
After breakfast we went to Gardener Village to feed the ducks and fish and luckily we practically had the whole place to ourselves to run around in.

On our last day we took the family to the Great Saltaire/ the Salt Flats, somewhere grandma/pa Potts had never been. I admit the beach there isn't glorious and in fact we must have past like 20 dead birds before we reached the water and it smells, but the kiddos had a blast in the really ward nasty water.
As we always do we spend out last meal together at our beloved Golden Corral, where they have the best kiddos deserts ever!
We even managed to get in a cute pic with our visitors before they had to head back home.
While grandma was her she bought this cute chair for the girls room, it fully reclines on top of just being perfectly adorable and the kids have learned it also make a pretty comfy place for a nap.
On the last day in May I threw a baby shower for my neighbor having her first girl. I of course found some pin-inspiration to go off of, but I still made it with a few of my own twists and I LOVED how cute it came together. I also love having this blue wall, it makes the perfect background for all my pictures & parties.
Looking back I noticed that we managed to have a pretty productive and awesome time all May long!

Twiners 3yr old Preschool Graduation

The twiners FIRST DAY of preschool...
The LAST DAY of preschool...
In the end of May the twiners graduated from their first year of preschool. They had a graduation program to celebrate all the fun things they learned that year. Josh had a hard time sitting still and keeping his hat on his head, while Cami was in love with the microphone and how loud it amplified her.
Josh and Cami with teacher Becky and their diplomas. Luckily grandma Fergy was also able to join in on the celebratory fun!
When we got home the twins had a few graduation gifts for the family, which we immediately began to play with and watch.
The next night we got enjoy some yummy Coldstone compliments of grandma/pa Potts graduation gifts for the twiners.
Right before the twiners end of year program Teacher Becky had a cute little photo session, this is one of the funny outtake pics!