Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too Fat For This Farm

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The Baby Farm:

Joshie (the photogenic one)

Well, the rumors are true, I am officially on bed rest now. The Dr. told me to expect it 6 wks from the end and here we are, a bit early, but more or less right as he said. My last appt showed that the twins are growing perfectly and are even above average in size for a single child, no less twins. This does, however, cause extra strain on me and I started to prematurely dilate. I now see my Dr. every week to watch for signs of early labor, but over all I still feel fine, just a bit bored. The largest change to be made now is how to take care of a busy toddler on bed rest...trick question, it's impossible so Grandma Fergy has very graciously volunteered to take Phoebe during the days. Every morning now, daddy drops Phoebs off for some hard labor canning, swimming and I am sure treat eating if I know Grandma Fergy and then Grandma brings her back at 2pm for her nap which lasts almost until Daddy comes home. I think it will be a doable and hopefully non so inconvenient arrangement for everyone in the upcoming next 6-8 wks.
Below are some more pics of Joshie; if you look close enough, you will just see a glimpse of a sweet little face that looks like both Phoebe & daddy.

Now that you've seen the fat ones in the farm, here is a picture of what they are making me look like at 30 wks pregnant. I am the fat farm! As I look at myself normally I know I am a bit bigger, but seeing pictures of myself always give me a surprising new view of my actual prego size.

One Last Getaway Before School Days

A week ago was the last opportunity to pack in all the last minute fun before wee ones headed back to school, so we we headed up to Amber's & celebrated with a pool party.

Last Swim Party of the Summer

There we had fun splashing in pools, sprinklers and even smashing water balloons. I even donned on my maternity suit/tent for a refreshing dip in the cool waters.

"Parkle" Nails

Last Sunday we had the chance to play with Katie while her parents went to the temple dedication. In this picture Phoebe's shows you her new favorite addiction, Sparkle Nails. Everyday Phoebe runs to our bathroom, sits in the dark and yells, "PARKLE, PARKLE" until we hear her and come in to give her, her daily dose of glitter nails. Here in this picture you can see I have even taught her to blow on hr own nails to dry them.

Fergy Family Cook Out

Last Sunday, due to the aforementioned Temple dedication, there was no church so the Fergy Family took the opportunity to gather together and have a dutch oven cook out up in the canyons. I have never had dutch oven before so this was a real treat. We had chicken and potatoes in the ovens while also enjoying other delicious treats brought. For the most part, the weather was wonderful, except for 5 minutes of torrential downpour, but that even dried quickly. Here are a couple of pics Cory took of the beautiful view we had from our table. Below thoes is a picture of the whole Fergy clan; Phoebe is in my arms, but unfortunately fat Zack is covering her up.

Thanksgiving Point $2 Buck Tuesdays

During the whole month of August, Thanksgiving Point has what is called $2 buck Tuesdays, pretty self explanatory. Thanksgiving Point is someplace I have always wanted to go to, but normally they are pretty expensive so we have never been. It is home to 3 main exhibits, a Dinosaur Museum, Gardens, and Animal Barns. We had the opportunity to visit the Dinosaur Museum and the Animal Barn. Hopefully next year we can visit the gardens, they are suppose to be beautiful with the worlds largest man man waterfall.

Dinosaur Museum

Phoebe didn't enjoy the dinosaur museum as much as we thought she would. I think it was too crowded for her and she was more intrested in the real little goldfish they had in the streams than any of the dinosaurs.

Here Phoebe is playing in the erosion pool and helping to excavate dinosaur bones. She is a natural born paleontologist, digging in the dirt is already one of her favorite activities.

Animal Barn
The animal barn was more to our wee ones likings, she ran from animal to animal (pigs excludded, she hates pigs) trilled to watch them eat and even more often trying to feed them her hands.

They also had tons of cute baby animals to see, here are a few of my favorites.

Here is proof we feed our child. The scale is reading 100lbs, she is the same weight as 5 new born lambs. Although, I am not exactly sure if this scale is entirely accurate, because when I got on it, I weighed the same as 3-4 new born calfs (300 lbs).

August Amusements

I admit it, here in the Ferguson home we are a bit of procrastinators so what does the middle and latter part of August mean to us...time to squeeze in all our someday summer activities.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park is a community party near downtown that has lots of fun activities for the wee ones. We had the opportunity to play in the wading pools and waterfalls, visit the gardens, and even partake in a free lunch program that Salt Lake offers in the summer.

I love this picture of Phoebe's fat cousin Zack, he appears to be contemplating things over.

Baby Showers
In the middle of August I had the opportunity to throw a baby shower for my neighbor Krisi and if you know me, it is something I get excited to do. I planned and made everything from invitations to treats and gifts. Baby shower gifts/crafts are something that I really enjoy researching for ideas and making, so I was thrilled that several people wanted to go in on a group gift and gaie me the funds to make 2 of my newest baby creations; a baby cake and baby wreath. Both were fairly simple to make and turned out stinkin' cute in my opinion.
These two pictures are of my last baby gift creations, they were onsies I turned into lollipops.

I Can Dress Myself
Phoebe is just getting to the stage where she likes to dress and undress herself. This was one of her outfit creations I found her in after nap time one day. The boots add just the right touch I think.

Readin' Fool

This is a common scene in our home. Phoebe loves books & often goes to her book shelves and grabs every book off of it and piles them all on the couch for us to sit and read together.

Visitors Beware
Where has the privacy gone? This is what happens lately every time one of us uses the restroom. It is also not uncommon for little arms to reach under the door or to have constant knocking on the door while a little one says, "Hello, hello, mama/daddy." Just a warning, potty at our home at your own risk.