Monday, November 29, 2010

It came APRON a MIDNIGHT clear

Since October the Fergy women have been making cute aprons for each of the holidays of the season.  I missed out of Halloween aprons, but joined in the fun for Thanksgiving aprons. 
(Sorry for the poor picture, I somehow lost my copy of this pic and had to steal it off my Sister-in-Laws blog.)

In the middle of November we thought we would be proactive and make our Christmas aprons early enough that we could enjoy them all season. For Christmas we ventured out and made a very cute but much more difficult apron.  We sewed, and sewed, and sewed until midnight. When most everyone, except for me, completed their aprons. My excuses 1. I got an hour delay in starting & 2. I am the most inexperienced in my sewing skills so I had to have lots of help. I , however, did finally learned how to make ruffles; my final sewing goal of the year!! 
Look at all the cute aprons that go made that night and in my case the next day: 
Charisse & Michelle
Amber x2 (the first apron is hers, the second is for Megan)
Mom & Me
Even Dave who is just a girl wanna-be joined in on apron making, unfortunately he has NO SKILLS so this  was the apron he could come up with.

Rockin' Around the House

When my brother was a new born, my Grandma&pa Hogan got him a little wooden rocking chair, it then was handed down to me when I was old enough to sit in it. I loved this chair, especially because the little feet of the rocker was attached to a little music box that played as you rocked back & forth. Since then, however,  the music box has fallen off, but still our children have come to love the little rocking chair.  Everyday, several times a day, Cami can either be seen laughing while nicely sitting & rocking or being naughty and standing in this chair to reach higher objects around it.

Afton's First

In the middle of November we celebrated our Afton's, our little niece's, 1st birthday. She was really excited for her party as you can see.
Phoebe was just really excited about these "Winnie and the Pooh" hats.  We have tried to tell her Winnie the Pooh is one person several times, but she insists that Winnie and Pooh should be 2 people.