Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Phoebe's First Talk

Last Sunday was Phoebe's very first talk in church. She was very excited to speak on I will Follow God's Plan. Here she is wating in he big chairs upfront to go up to the podium and speak.
She only had to give 1-2 lines on the topic so we practiced saying our talk over & over.  I went up with her to help refreash her memory & she did really very good!  Listen for yourself. 

February's Date Night

Last year Daily Deals ran a special for LaCaille's (a rally posh French restaurant)  The deal was $35 for an $80 gift certificate.  Cory & I decided to buy it because we both knew it would be the only way we would ever be able to afford eating there.  We choose to go out to dine with some friends  (Stephanie & Shawn Petterson) in Feb because it a romantic restaurant and that is the month of love. 
When we arrived we discovered it is valet parking only, luckily it only cost $3 because that was the amount of cash both Cory and I had on us between the two of us. We then got our coats checked, another restaurant first for me& were seated. When first seated they ask if you would like sparkling or bottled water, we of course were just fine with tap.  Then you get the hors-d' ouevres only menus.  We then returned those asking for the entrée menus, which made me feel a little low class.  When the bread and butter were brought out the butter was actually shaped like roses.
The entrées were all very spendy so after initial sticker shock we ordered our food. Cory ordered the duck and I the rib. We both loved our salads, mine was the wilted spinach and the crab avocado & grapefruit. As for our meals mine was good, but 1/3 of it was fat & Cory LOVED his meal. After the entrées they brought the dessert menus. Most everything sounded delicious on the menu, but it all cost $16 apiece, so instead we just took our check and all went to dessert at Baskin Robbins.
This was a fun experience, something you should try, but we probably will not be returning here again unless there is someone out there wanted to pay for us to enjoy ourselves.

The Artistic Era Begins

Lately Phoebe has entered into a new phase, her artistic era, which has been a little troublesome for the rest of us Fergy family members.  On day one of the era Phoebs got a hold of a ballpoint pen and colored herself and brother.
On the second day of her artistic era Phoebe got a hold of a Crayola Marker and in a short amount of time managed to color on all the walls upstairs, many furniture surfaces & her siblings. When I discovered the happenings, Phoebe was in the process of attempting to clean off her siblings, however she grabbed the spray and wash and not the water spray bottle.
After that I assigned  her duties to the cleaning off of walls while I took care of the cleaning off of wee children.
Unfortunately, Phoebe thought cleaning off the walls was fun and not a punishment, so I had to assign timeout time as well.  As for the children the damage was already done and I just didn't know it yet.  Cami had gotten some of the spray and wash in her eye and for nearly 2 days she was blinded, while we repeatedly had to flush out her eyes.

After many talks about how naughty coloring on the walls is and the dangers of getting step stools to reach into mommy's things, we have taken the temptations of all pens/markers and put them in high hidden spaces away from our wee Picasso and placed all chemicals even a little bit further out of reach.

I'm a Big Kid Now

I have been putting off the change from cribs to toddler bed for the twins, but after an indecent with the bottom cream being smeared all over Cami I decided it was time for the change. I later discovered Cami smeared the diaper cream all over herself, but still it didn't change the fact that I've become too pregnant to be able to reach Cami's crib mattress to change her greasy sheets.

The twins haven't adjusted to the change as easily as Phoebe did.  I think the fact that they always have a playmate around helps to prohibit their sleeping.  They instead play with each other for hours instead of sleeping, which makes for two VERY cranky babies which was the case in the picture below, both are just sitting on the floor screaming their guts out after not napping for the 3-4 hrs that should have been nap time.
We have now had to resort to one child sleeping in a potable crib for naps while the other tries to sleep in their bed.  Cami prefers the crib, but I think it is more for the fact she can then reach in her drawers and pull out clothes rather than the crib being better for her sleeping.
It has been a couple weeks now and naps are still a struggle, but I am happy to say nighttime is not a problem; both twiners choose to sleep in the middle of the floor next to one another.

PPP&P Party

Our family has had a rough winter thus far concerning sicknesses. About every 2 weeks one or all of us picks up a new ailment to share with the rest of the family. Always being out of commission has been rough on our family being couped up all the time so in a mini celebration I planned a Pizza, Pop, Pj & Picnic Party (PPP&  P Party). We pulled out a new movie for the family from our hidden stash, Sword & the Stone & ate our favorite Totino's Pizzas. It was such a fun night together as a family that Daddy has requested that we do this from now on 1-2x a month with our family. Growing up Cory always remembered Friday night were always a party for his family & so Fridays will be a PPP&P Party once-twice a  month in our Fergy Family.