Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Dates in One Day

In November Cory & Phoebe went on a double date with one of her BFFs, Cassie and her daddy to Disney on Ice.  I can not even tell you how excited Phoebe was for this, especially when she found out that she got to take the "train" to the show.  We have never taken Phoebs to anything special like this because she doesn't seem to stay still, but Cory said from the second the lights went out and Mickey stepped onto the eyes she was glued to her seat.
The show was broken up into 4 separate Disney segments. The first act was The Lion King.
The second act was The Little Mermaid.
The third act was Lilo & Stitch. This show didn't really excite Phoebe since we have never seen this show.
After the 3rd act it was intermission. Phoebe now can tell you what a Zamboni does. After watching the Zamboni clean the ice for a bit, Daddy treated Phoebe to some pretzel bits, something she now asks to have for lunch all the time.
The fourth & final act was Peter Pan.  Phoebe loved how the characters actually flew over the audience.
After Peter Pan, Mickey & Friends came out once again again to say goodbye.  Phoebe  thought it was funny how Goofy kept falling down & she has told me about it several times. After the show it was back to the train to come home.

After the show it was time for naps and that evening it was Mommy and Daddy's Date night. This month's theme: Drive-In. I have to say this turned out to be one of my most favorite dates all year. We started by putting the kids to bed and then giving the baby monitor to our neighbors for a couple minutes while ran to sonic.  
I chose this returant because you can order from your car like you were at an old fasion drive in. We then returned home and pulled in the garage where we laid down the seats in the back of the van, cozied up with blankets, ate our yummies and watched Oceans 13 on our laptop.  Once again we both fell asleep before the movie ended, but this was still one of my favorite dates because it took NO effort to put together& it was really something different while still being at home.  It was just fun to eat yummy food and cozy up with my hubby. I am just sorry I got no pictures of it , but oh well, this date will definitely be on the list to do again next year!  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ya gotta watch 'em like a hawk...

What to you get when you have a toddler in the bath and two screaming babies??? A lot of bubbles!!!

Phoebe took my distraction time to open a new bottle of princess bubbles and dump it all in at one time.
Cami is our resident climber.  She climbs everywhere and get stuck in a lot of places too. She has even figured out the concept: if you're not tall enough, get something stand on.  
One of the places Cami has taken a liking to climb to and gets stuck on is Phoebe's bed and up until last week the only way she could get down in just fail herself off, she now has the whole climbing down thing so I don't just have to catch her before she tumbles down anymore.
Note the horns Cami constantly sports. These are the remnants of pig tails I put in her hair previously after she has ripped them out, this horn-due can last for days. Also, my child usually starts the day off with pants however many times she either takes them off during nap somehow or just crawls out of them during the day.

Thankful Turkey Time

Every November while Cory was growing up the Fergy clan always made a thankful turkey.  This tradition is now the 2nd year in making for our growing Fergy clan.  It is something Phoebe loves to do.  Phoebe got to  to trace her hand, cut paper and glue things together, all her favorites!
While we were busy making the turkey, the twins helped by finding the scrap paper on the floor and eating it, playing with and knocking the trash on the floor, and finally with some direction playing with some more safe sanitary toys.
The kids all love the thankful turkey and new everyday we write and drop in the thankful turkey one thing we are thankful for and then on Thanksgiving we will read them all over dinner.

Shutterfly Party

In the beginning of November I was lucky enough to be chosen to host another party, this time for Shutterfly. Unfortunately, many could not make it, but those who did had a fun time making their free 8x8 hardback books, 10 free cards& and putting together their own Christmas countdown.  We had plenty of food to snack on and plenty of laughs while my sister-in-law Amber tried to click her heels together something in spite of all her efforts still cannot do.  I hope to be a lucky host of another party soon & where more can join in on the fun too!!

These cute trike pictures are from when I was setting up for the party, Josh & Phoebe decided to play nicely together on Phoebe's new trike she received from grandma/pa Potts for her birthday.  At times they can be so cute together playing nicely, I just have to remind my self of that now and again

Another year...another round at Primary's

We are starting to notice a trend, every year Phoebe goes in for check-up is another year we are back at  Primary's to see why the numbers haven't change.  This year tests were a bone x-ray test and blood work. 
The bone test came back normal, but the thyroid test came in a little low so we were sent to a pediatric endocrinologist, (don't ask me what this doctor does I still don't know). The first thing we were told upon the Dr. entering the room is "Don't worry Phoebe is fine." The numbers were low because that is common for really underweight petite children. In hopes to change these numbers, we have been given a new diet to try for the next 6 mos. The diet regulations are NO pop NO juice, only whole milk with Carnation. ALL meats must have gravy, even Phoebe's beloved hot dogs must now be served with gravy & finally ALL veggies must have cheese, and not part skim or low fat cheese, the richest most fattening cheese we can aka the diet that the rest of America is currently on and slowly dying from.  The hope is that after 6 months of this diet we will return to the labs for retesting to see all the numbers jump up out of the range of 2%.

Trunk-or-Treat, Halloween & Date Night

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, the tricks & treats were spread over 3 separate days.  The first was on Friday at grandma/pa Fergy's Halloween Party.  I missed  out on most of the party since we didn't want to have the twins party with the rest of the group due to the fact they had been sick all week with an intestinal bug, so daddy partied on with Phoebe alone.  Here is the rest of the Fergy group in there cute costumes, we were one of the only lame-o parents who didn't dress up.
 Daddy with Phoebe & the other Fergys
The Madsens & Mom in her Halloween Apron
  Dave & the whole Medico clan
Megan & Blake (he was Mr. Rogers and she was a preggo nurse (not really))
This was a picture we got with the twins when I came to pick Daddy & Phoebe up.

On Saturday night we had our ward trunk or treat.  Phoebe dressed up in her cowgirl outfit except this time we curled her hair, so cute!!!  The twins were suppose to be Indians but since they were sick we didn't make them dress-up.  Our Bishopric dressed up as the Three Amigos and even did the amigo dance.

On Sunday, the real Halloween we really didn't do much. We had mummy dogs for dinner and since Phoebe doesn't like mustard they remained eyeless, but you get the idea.
Later after the kids went to bed we had our monthly date night. It was a Football Date & since it was Sunday night we made tailgater food and watched the game. We had chips and chili cream cheese dip, popcorn chicken with sauce and root beer out of fancy glass bottles. It was an easy date & I would definitely do this one again, but instead have it at nap time because Cory & I both soon feel asleep after eating, since it was after 9pm & full tummys and a warm bed = sleeping time to us.