Friday, November 6, 2009

The Great Pumpkin & Halloween

The night before the twiners were born we took Phoebs to the corner pumpkin "patch". Really it was an empty parking lot filled with hay bales, pumpkins and a corn maze. This was Phoebes last special hurrah before the twins, but unfortunately she cared more about the messy hay on the ground than any pumpkin there, so we picked a small pumpkin out for her.

For Halloween this year we decided went with the theme of Little Bo Peep and her sheep. I was worried at first that no one would get that Phoebe was Bo Peep, but everyone got it with no problem. We even dressed the twins up as her sheep, but almost no one saw them as the only place they trick-or-treated was Grandma Fergy's home. For the majority of the festivities including the wards' Trunk or Treat Party & Trick-or-Treating the neighbors, we had to just say Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep.

This is the Fergy clan trick-or-treating Grandma/pa Fergy's house.

This is how the twins trick or treated Grandma's house, note the comparison of how Phoebe also trick or treated Grandma her first Halloween.

A is like unto B, as B is like unto...

Last week I finally took the time to take our traditional bear pictures. If you are unfamiliar with what these are, every month, until their one, we take pictures of our wee ones sitting next to this bear.

Age: Newborn


Above: Age- 2yrs / Below: Newborn & 1 yr

Two of a Kind...
Everyone who has seen the twins points put that Cami looks just like her older sissy Phoebs, but what many do not see is how similar Josh looks like Phoebe when she was a chunky newborn. Below is a picture I snapped of Josh, to his right is a picture of his older sissy Phoebs when she was s newborn. No only do they look the same, but they even sleep alike.

Two Peas in a Pod...or Swing