Sunday, October 18, 2009

D-Week is Upon Us

At the end of this pregnancy we have had to frequent the Drs office twice a week of various appts and tests. This last Thursday was our bi-weekly ultrasound, that's right I said bi-weekly. I enjoy these appts the most because you get to see the wee ones, but unfortunately I learned that ultrasound techs are only allowed to measure babies once every 3 weeks, so mostly we just check their positions and heartbeats. This is nice, but I am always most eager to see how they are growing, so I was especially excited that last Thursday was finally our 3 wk appt. (Note: Three wks ago, Josh weighed 5.1 lbs and Cami was 4.13 lbs, an above normal weight for 1 baby no less twins.) Going in to this appt Cory and I had guessed that Josh would be about 6 1/2 lbs and Cami would be around 6 lbs because we were told to expect in the last couple months of pregnancy that each baby would gain about 1/2 lb each week. Apparently this is only true for babies and not heifers, which I am apparently carrying. Josh's measurements showed him to weigh 7.6 lbs and Cami as 6.14lbs. YIKES, Do the math! I am carrying 14lbs worth of babies; no wonder my legs and hips rebel when I try using them. I guess it had always been portrayed to me that twins were suppose to be small, but that apparently that is a fallacy, because our fatties will be finally joining us on the morning of Thursday Oct. 22nd weighing of between 7-8 1/2 lbs each.

Joshie (8 wks ago)

Sew Adventurous

As I have been on bed rest for the last 8 wks it has given me a ton of time to surf the web for cute crafts ideas. I get inspired to make new items all the time, which drives Cory crazy because I always need to go to a craft store for supplies. My newest inspiration has been in the sewing department, which I admit is one of my weakest areas, but I was bored and feeling bold so I tried something new. I kept it simple with learning how to make fabric yo-yos and fabric flowers.

I then went on to sew a very simple sundress I found on the web. I was able to use mostly fabric that I had on hand with the exception of a new accent fabric, which I had to justify getting by explaining that it would be a birthday dress for Phoebs. The dress took me 2 half days to sew, but I am very slow and rather inexperienced when it comes to reading and applying sewing instructions. I am sure it would take more experienced sewers a only couple of hours to put together. The finished product was so darling on the hanger, but when I went to put it on Phoebs it drowned her.

I guess I should have made it a bit more petite for my wee one. I feel it fits her no better than if I had cut some holes in a giant garbage sack and stuck it on her, hints why I so lovingly now refer to Phoebs' new birthday dress as a fancy garbage sack. Oh well, luckily Phoebs is cute enough to make even a fancy garbage sack look cute.