Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Chicken Farm OR Memorial Day Celebration

This year in celebration we went to the Madsen's home or as Phoebe calls it "The Chicken Farm". We got there right in time to enjoy great Einstein bagels and Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast after some of the family ran a 5K that morning and from what I heard drenched & froze their cans off.  After breakfast we all sat around and some watched movies and relaxed while others chatted.  When it finally stopped raining, however, all the kids were really eager to go see the new chickens that they had.  Cami and Josh didn't have any fears for the chickens, while Phoebe was a bit apprehensive of them.
The chickens could only be visited for a little bit, due to the poor weather again. While back inside Sophie continued to sleep as she had done the WHOLE time we were there, but this time she found grandpa as a great sleeping companion. Cami, who won the most cry baby award for that day, could only be made happy  as long as the chip bowl stayed within her reach. We did had to move it eventually much to her dismay when she began taking a bit out of several different chips then returning to the bowl.
After our delicious BBQ feast the weather perked up a bit again and it was back outside of all the wee ones.  Phoebe loved plying on the swings with her cousin Zack, while Josh and Cami couldn't get enough of the slide! 
Since it is impossible to be near the chickens and not play with the chickens, Uncle Alan let the kids once again get the poor traumatized chickens out for the kids to chase and hold.  This time Phoebe fully embraced her little chicken and did NOT to put it down or let anyone else even touch it.
She was really sad when it was eventually time for us to head home. She loved visiting with all of her cousins at the Chicken Farm. Luckily cousin Emma, without asking her mom, invited Phoebe back for a marathon 5 day sleepover so when we did eventually make it in the van everyone was happy again and very eager to go back and visit the chickens soon.