Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fergy Christmas Festivities 2014

As is tradition in our lil' Fergy family Christmas Eve morning we went and visited the elves at Gardener village. We also enjoy doing this, but this year the wind made it FREEZING, note all the hoods and little red noses!
All Christmas Eve afternoon we rested and watched movies IT WAS AWESOME!For dinner we invited our neighbors the Walpoles to join us, but I don't have any pictures of them. We had our traditional Lasagna Italian dinner and then decorated our gingerbread Santa cookies for Santa, I noted this year the decorations where much more conservative.
After cookies our guest went home and we read our PJ elves book and opened our pjs in a pail.
We then read our Christmas story and reenacted it with our nativity set and then threw our the food for the reindeer.
When the food was all set out Cory and I snuggled watching it's a wonderful life and sometime in the night Santa came and left all his goodies for us, but not before I was able to snap a pictures of him, which I printed and left on the tree, proof that Santa is real (our 7yr old was real close to getting coal this year for serious doubts).
In our family we always take a pic in the morning after we read the Christmas story once again before the kids run to the tree.
Santa was good to all the kiddos this year they all got exactly what they asked for , plus A LOT more!
I loved some of the great faces my kiddos got when they got a few more awesome gifts from uncle Robert.
After present we had our yummy breakfast and then spent all day watching movies playing and watching the snow dump down outside!!
Dinner was our traditional roast beast, except since I overcooked it a bit, we joked it was the national Lampoon's  version of dinner, SUPER DRY, you needed gravy to make it pallet-able.
in the evening we finally went out and started shoveling the driveway, although it was pretty useless as it was still snowing and they wind was blowing it all around. We also helped out neighbors shovel, who are from Africa and for one of them it was the first time dealing with snow. He was pretty funny shoving in his flip slops with no gloves.
After freezing to death we came back in and watch some more of our Christmas movies while Phoebe and daddy put together her new Lego set, she LOVES Leogs!
This turned out to be the most relaxing Christmas yet, I would love for it to snow us in on Christmas every year!