Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 Mos Already

Last Tuesday our weest one turned 2 mos old. We celebrated by taking a trip to the Drs for her check-up.
She measured in at:
10lbs 15oz (50% for girls) & 21.5in tall (10% for girls)
How quickly our cute photo shoot went from happy time to sad.
In the last month Sophie started to sleep through the night about 50% of the time. She also has just barely learned to smile which is why she has earned the nick name of wide mouth frog with her ginormous grins.  Sophie also hasn't begun to track objects yet which gives the drs some concern so next month we will be visiting a pediatric ophthalmologist.  In the week since her dr visit she has begun to track large objects at a distance, so we know she can now see, our guess is that she is just delayed in vision or far sighted. Oh well she is still 100% cute either way!

Celebrating the 4th with a Bang

Like we do every year this year for the fourth we celebrated with the whole Fergy clan.  We started the festivities about 11am with a breakfast and cold swim.  It was raining on and off so my kids weren't really eager to swim much longer than about 10 minutes.
Sophie took 6 hrs day as her day of rest starting at about noon.  Cory and Dave must of have twin telepathy, because they managed to show up dresses as twinsies.
After a full day of eating, swimming, playing frisbee, and resting we chose to all grab a dinner, go eat at Wheeler Farm and watch the fireworks. We had the place to ourselves which was nice, however, the mosquitoes.
One other nice think about this location was the fact that it was a farm so we could go look at all the animals as we waited several hours for the firework show to begin.  Josh and Phoebe loved petting he bunnies while Cami mainly like to chase the chickens around.  This place is usually busy and crowded so it was great to come so late in the evening and only have about 3 other souls other than our family around.
My kids really enjoyed sitting on the large tractors, especially Joshie!
After it was too dark to see the animals anymore we went back to our blankets and chairs and watched some of the neighbors fireworks until the big show started.
A couple of minutes before 10pm the twins and Sophie started to get cranky so I went and sat in the car with them, which they loved because they could just walk around and sit in the front seats. At 10 when the show started one firework had went off and Phoebe decided she was scared of them so Cory and Phoebe finished packing up and came and sat in the car with us.  It was kind of a dud show from what we could see with our inhibited view, but it was still fun to hang out and play with the family at the farm.