Monday, April 14, 2014

February Tidbits

Cami had her daddy date turn in in March where she and daddy went to wash my once again dirty car. She was TOTALLY thrilled by the short experience!
Josh was to get his daddy dude date. Cory took him for a Kids workshop at Home Depot where they built an awesome yellow race care!
Phoebe has started to hang things on her wall, which I am not really thrilled with, but since it was a picture of Jesus over her bed, I chose to let it go.
In Feb I finished 2 more adorable wreaths which I was especially proud of, I am kind of loving making yean wreath now, they are cheap and simple!
Every day leading up to V-day all of out kids had love boxes where they would find one little treat. Sophie is here loving some licorice. 
The kids are loving having a ton of room to play downstairs during these cold  house locked winter months.
The twins had their 6 mo dental check up and all was well however Josh didn't want to put his hands down away from his mouth because he said he was afraid the girl was going to pull out all his teeth.
Cami is our biggest charater! She loves to model, strike poses, and teach mini excerssize classes.
I can't get enough of this little cutie even if she has been a bit naughty lately and sneaks out of her room later at night to come snuggle with us after the rest of the kiddos have been put to bed.
PARENT FAIL! We though for sure this piece of 4x4 ply-wood would fit in the back of the van. We finally got it to fit in the van but at the expense of poor Sophie who had to go all the way home being squished by plywood, oddly enough she didn't mind too much.
Phoebe is sooo proud of her awesome make up is less proud since it involved sneaking in my makeup supplies.
February brought with it some crazy hair. Sophie struggled with CRAZY bed head while Phoebe had fun playing with fun new curlers.
For presidents day we celebrated by having a small tea party with 2 of our cousins. We had warm juice, cookies and leftover ice cream pies on fancy color you own place mats.
As the weather warmed up a tiny bit the kiddos were eater to begin having fun picnics again!
On Friday we had a mild warm up about 47 degrees, but in the sun it felt much warmer. To our crazy kids it might as well have been near 75, they  all wanted pop-cycles and shorts. The cold eventually caught up with Phoebe a bit and the Popsicle hurt her already cold hand so she partook of the cold summer goodies with gloves.
For the month of January we tried separating the twins in their Sunday school classes and it was a FAILURE so the day I went  to get Josh and Cami from their class Josh must of have been so relived he was with his twiner again he slept all through class and when I went to pick him up she said, " No I want to stay for the pizza party." Little guy was dreaming of pizza so I made him some for dinner. Sophie wore a tie one morning for church but I thought she was so cute in it I just let her wear it all day.
For a reward one day I gave Phoebe a nail party but that day I learned you can't put bubble bath in a vibrating foot-bath you will end up with a bubbl-EXPLOSION!
The last couple days of February were sooo warm I almost forgot it was still  winter. We rode bikes and played all afternoon out side.
This Feb started like normal, but ended like spring I could defiantly do this kid pf winter every year!