Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid September's Glory

We finally took down the water colors for Phoebe and , man does she LOVE them!  She paints and paints, but with only he color black.  Yep that's my morbid child.  As is apparent she does not restrict herself to only painting on the page, she paints  fer face, chest and even teeth, oh well their, non-toxic right?!?!
Th twins continue to look for trouble when ever possible. Their new favorite thing is to race to the fridge when ever it's open and raid it.  I wasn't quick enough here and they climbed up in.
Last, but certainly not least is all the GREAT veggies we are now getting to pick out of our garden.  Just look at all the beautiful colors and varieties, I am sure this would cost the kitchen sink if I were to get it all from the store!  We love having a garden of our own, because we get to pick all this EVERY WEEK!!!

Sew Determined: August & September Editions

For August's sewing project I took it easy and just completed a project I have always wanted to do, a fabric Birthday Banner.  I  did it the hard way in that I found a font I liked on the computer then cute it out then pinned it to fabric and Heat Bond and cute the letters out again; the easy way would just to be iron on letters in the first place.  Oh well it makes mine more unique. It turned out pretty cute in my opinion, perfect for any birthday we have at the ole Fergy residence.

For September's sewing project I made a car seat tent, which is another thing that has been on my to do list for ever. This was a really easy project that I tried to make more difficult than it was really meant t be by adding embellishments that I eventually tore off in several stages and had to resew 3 different times.  Really all you need to do is have 1 1/4yd of top  fabric and 1 yd of under fabric and then take the top fabric cute it to 1yd and sew the two together you can round the corners or not then with the extra top fabric make some handles, they can Velcro, tie, or button.  Then embellish with anything else you like. I made this tent for a baby  shower gift and not obviously for my babies who just grew out of their infant carseats.