Monday, April 12, 2010

Wrappin' up Easter Celebrations

This year for Easter we tried to add a few more family traditions that would make Easter a little bit more special in the Fergy home.  The first new tradition were the Spiritual Easter Eggs. We opened one egg per day for 12 days before Easter.  Each egg had a little scripture and object to exemplify the scripture.  This was one tradition Phoebe was sad to see end.  She loved opening the eggs every day. 
The other new tradition was to plant magical beans the night before Easter.  These were very special beans that ONLY grow one night of the year and that is the night before Easter. Phoebe had fun burying the beans in the sand right after I took this picture.
Look what Phoebe's magical beans grew...Tootsie Pops! This was probably her very favorite Easter surprise. We will definitely continue to plant magical beans every year and who knows what they will grow in Easters to come.
Here is the loot the bunny left behind for Phoebs and the twiners. They got some good stuff this year.
Here are the kiddos checkin' out what the bunny left behind.
On Easter morning I made a special meal of breakfast casserole, bananas, marionberry muffins & OJ.  For some reason the casserole was a bit runny & the muffins were a bit bland, but luckily I don't feed picky eaters (Phoebe doesn't eat anything so she doesn't count as picky, at least those people still eat a little.)
For Easter dinner we went to Grandma/pa Fergy's and had a wonderful meal surrounded by total chaos of children running & yelling and crowded adults trying to eat while wee ones are on their laps, I loved it!
The medico girls modeling their new dress ups. Phoebe was so jealous and sad that she didn't have a dress up that Grandma raided Aunt Miggie's closet for dress ups Phoebe could wear.
The weekend after Easter we finally got around to doing the Easter Egg hunt at Grandma/pa Fergy's.  A week late, but the kids didn't care and that just meant that we got the candy really cheap on the after Easter sales.  We did things a bit differently this year in that each person didn't have a special egg or color to look for each person just found 12 eggs of any color or design.  I think it worked better this way.  While the moms were stuffing the eggs the kids were out with dads decorating egg cartons.  
Uncle Davy helped Phoebs find eggs while I took pics and Cory held both of the twiners.  Unfortunately, I din't get pics of them because my batteries died in my camera, but trust me they both made sure to look cute while finding their dozen eggs each.
I think this was by far my favorite Easter in many, many years.