Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooky Cruise

This year for a fun new adventure we went on a Halloween cruise, which was easier said than done. We should have known our trip ad a bad omen when we went to go find the location and found out that road construction closed the exit off the freeway we needed and then took about 1 hr to find back roads to get to the place in a town we don't know well at all. When we got to the place it was BUSY and we had to wait 30 minutes in a lone to get to the window then another 30 minutes for a boat. While we waited luckily we had LOTS of snacks.
To start the cruise all the kids 12 and under had to put on life jackets, Cami WAS NOT HAPPY about this and screamed non stop!!!  None of he other kids seemed to mind though. I wore Sophie's on my shoulder for her.
The boat we rode was large and sat 40 people and moved with man who stood in front pulling on ropes that were over our head.  There were 100s of carved pumpkins and fun Halloween lights over head. The whole thing was really pretty and would have been quite enjoyable if we hadn't had the stress of trying to quiet down Sophie & Cami's screaming the whole time.  Definitely sothing fun to do, but leave the kids 2 & under at home, you'll enjoy it so much more!

Phoebe's FOUR!

As of the 12th I no longer had 4 under four I now have 4 four & under. This was the first year that Phoebe really understood her birthday and was super excited for it. On her Birthday morning she woke up and groggily asked, "Is it my birthday yet?" Yes Phoebe it is!  She was so excited to put on her birthday crown and take pictures this year which is another first.  I know it looks like a tons of gifts, but know they are not all from me, not even 1/2 of them were.
Here werea few of Phoebe's favorite gifts. We had a princess themed gifts from everyone this year.
After breakfast Grandma Fergy came over to wish Phoebe a happy Birthday and she gave her a cute outfit and this Princess School workbook, which Phoebe broke out right then and there and started to work in.
Phoebe insited on wearing her birthday hat at every snack and meal. Then for Preschool that day she got to be a very important person which meant she brought a couple things for show and tell, along with pictures of the family, & treats for the day.  She also got to wear a crown and a VIP sticker which you can kinds see in the pics.
Phoebe really wanted an Arora cake for her birthday, but she settled for Cinderella luckily since that was all I could find at Wallys. We all enjoyed the cake which was more than Phoebe wanted to do, she had asked if she could just go to bed after her birthday hamburgers, her dinner choice. I was a mean mom however and insisted she stay up for birthday cake & in sptite of wanting to go to bed early Phoebe said she had a really good birthday at the end of the day.

Harvest Pickins

I was a little late in choosing all of what I wanted to can this year which meant I missed out on all the good tomatoes at the local Farmrs market so I took a trip with Mom to the "Famous Friut Way" in Brigham City which is an hour away. I know it is way out of my way, but I also went as a fun trip for the kids. 
I let the kids pick out their own fun Gourds which Josh didn't understand that get got to take one home.  when he finally did  understand the concept it was hard to keep him to one and no ten gourds. They also had fun cutouts the kids got pics with. Well Josh & Phoebe did, Cami just wanted to play withe the pirates sparkly booty.
 They also had a fun section of tons-o-pumpkins where the twiners enjoyed running around.
And as always Sophie was just thrilled to be in tow and smiled like crazy whenever she saw anyone looking her way. We think next year we will make one big Fergy Family trip and get all of our canning fruits and veggies & also so the kids can play with all the fun displays they have out.

Pizza House Party & Date Night

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen to host another Houseparty! This time it was for Johnsonville Italian Sausages. The point of the party was to try the different sausages on pizza. Let me tell you this was really one of the best food house-parties I have ever had. The sausages won us over & no longer are we boring pepperoni pizza people (well maybe for the kids we are).
We has 10 people over to try and make their own delicious pizzas so it was our best turn out for a house party too. Overall I had lots of fun & I hope all the guest did too!
I actually forgot to take pics of the party, but because the pizzas were SOO good Cory and I decided to have a dinner and movie date night the next night making some of these hevaenly little pizza pies and watch Tron which was steaming for free on Netflix. Our totally free date night was great and it was so relaxing that I actually feel asleep in the movie, not that the movie was bad, but I am just getting that old where 10:30pm is plain past my bedtime.

5 Months!

Okay so I am so late in posting this that Sophie is actually closer to 6 months now, but oh well.
On the 5th our Miss Sophie Marie turned 5 months old. She is still the most jovial baby you could EVER imagine. In the last month Sophie has spent he majority of time on her tummy.  She LOVES being on her tummy, which is the complete opposite of any of my other babies.  When you lay Sophie down on her back she will roll over to her tummy immediately, she even does this in her sleep, which unfortunately means she leaks all over the bed every night, because diapers were not designed for prolonged tummy time.
Sophie continues to be about a month behind in her vision milestones so within the last month Sophie finally began to play with toys and man she has a good grip with whatever she does grabs.  Sophie also is now strong enough to sit up in her little chair which she loves, because it gives her a different view of her surroundings.
Sophie loves being roomies with Phoebe and never wakes up in the night.  she still prefers to fall asleep on our arms at night, but she will also just fall asleep with no fuss in her crib if we need her too. Her brother and sisters just adore her so much and it is safe to say Miss Sophie is just the most adored sibling by all her siblings. If only she would STOP all the spitting up she just started to do out of nowhere in the last month I could adore her more with less clean up.