Sunday, July 12, 2009

Squeezing the Fun Out of June's Last Days

We managed to squeeze every last minute of fun into June's mild summer days by enjoying a not to peaceful picnic with the Fergy Family in the Taylorsville park, on the second to last day of June. I say not peaceful because my child refuses to sit down for 2 seconds in any space I would like; instead, Phoebe's idea of fun always has to include sightseeing any distant attraction and checking out all possible NoNo's in a 500 yd radius. After the picnic we enjoyed the delights of the Taylorsville pool. This is not just a normal pool by any standards, this pool has a beach style entry, giant spiral water slide, and several other gadgets that spray or dump water on you. All the cousins had fun swimming around in the pool, especially my waterbug. Phoebe has zero fears when it comes to water which makes me now have 900 different fears of the water. Several times I tried to sit our wee dear one down in the 6in water section to splash, but to no avail she would just get up and walk/run over to the 5 ft water and then continue to back her caboose up to the edge and stick her little toes right in the water, as if I would let her actually get all the way in. Ahh, she is a handful for the pregnant and weary. Below is a picture of Phoebs' with her cousin Zack during one of the few times that she came to interact with the other young ones in the shallow end.

On the last day of June we took a trip to the Salt Lake branch of a Willy Wonka's Chocolate style factory called Sweets Candy Factory. We got to see how lots of gummy and taffy styles of candies were made. We learned several interesting things such as, it take 2 days for them to go through 75,000lbs of sugar. Every month this candy factory sells about 1 million to 1 1/2 million lbs of candy and they are the number 1 taffy makers in America. Lastly, Jelly beans are the slowest candy to make, they take one week to produce and are the only candy in that giant factory that is still made by hand. After our 40 minute tour and several yummy samples, we exited out by the gift shop where we each received one complimentary bag of taffy. Below is a picture of some of the Fergy clan in our "special" candy maker caps, which we even got to take home as a souvenir.