Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Phoebe's Night Owl Party

Back in July we saw a party someone called  Night Owl Party. After seeing all the detail I knew that this was going to be perfect for Phoebe's 4h birthday Party, so I got to work. Not a minute too soon either because all these absolutely adorable owls take quite a bit of time to sew by hand!
Going with the night time and owl theme, we have the front door with an rod iron owl and glow in the dark stars. We also have cute owl cupcakes my neighbor made for me.
Cory drew a cute head and foot board, a faux window & some pillows to decorate the table with. I got some cute felt owls off etsy and then hot glued hair clips on the back.
 I decorated the chandler with stars and felt owls which I am now planning on decorating Phoebe's room with.
The Party started at 5:30 with everyone making their own mini pizzas.
While the pizzas were baking we went out back and did a craft project with glitter glue glitter star stickers and foam.
When the great pizzas were done we all came back and enjoyed!
After dinner I turned out the lights and told all the kids to find a glow-in-the-dark star on the wall, all the stars had numbers on them.  I then started with Phoebe and each person got to adopt the owl with that number on the back of the card.  All the owls were themes and came with their own theme poem and adoption card.  We had all the kids name their owls and most of the girls opted with famous princess names.
Following the owl adoption we opened gifts, Phoebe got a lot of really great stuff, thanks everyone!
We then headed back to the table to have the birthday cupcakes. By this time my kids had spilled all over the table cloth, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because as I was setting the cupcakes on the table for Phoebe to blow out I spilled them all over with the sparkler candles lit. This could have EASILY started the table cloth on fire, but luckily my kids pre-soaked it for me.
 After no one but Lily ate the cupcakes we put on glowing braceets and danced in the dark while watching Pixar's Short film collection. I have to say by this time we were really READY for this party to be done.  Having his many 3 & 4 yr olds at once is a BIT much!
We still had a ton of fun well those of us who didn't sleep all the way through the party that is.