Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Very First Sunbeam

Last Sunday was Phoebe's first time in Primary.  She is now a Sunbeam, a class for 3 & 4 yr old in the LDS church.  She was a bit skeptic about it and cried when we dropped her off, but hopefully this apprehension to Primary it will be short lived.  After church I asked her if she had fun in  Primary and she told me "Not yet, I miss running around in Nursery."  She always has been a wild child so I am sure now that she has to be reverent it will be a harder adjustment for her.
On Sunday morning we finally got pics of the kids in their Christmas clothes, since we were unable to take pics the week before Christmas due to running late and then having to leave church early because of fevers, tantrums, and diaper explosions.  The kids were minimally cooperative for these pics so you can pick our own favorite picture of them.

The Ducks Big game

If you know us, you know we are Oregon Duck Fans; Cory and I both graduated from the University of Oregon and our baby mobile is the Oregon ducks fight song.  In celebration of the Ducks championship football game this year we threw a little viewing party and watched all the action on our new xbox cable connection.
In celebration Phoebe even got to paint her own Oregon duck a project she was thrilled about.  This duck now has no less than 10 coats of paint covering it and lives in a undisclosed cabinet so it will not cause anymore tantrums to paint on more.
Unfortunately, the Ducks lost in literally the last second of the game, but it was fun to make it to the big game for the first time ever  and have it be such a close game.  Here's to hoping we can watch 'em win the big one next year!

2011 Resolutions

For the past couple of years Cory and I have tried to put into practice making practical resolutions that are measurable and then to write them down someplace we will always see them.  For example, 2 yrs a go I wrote them on the blog, last year we wrote them on our white boards in the entryway.  This year I decided to make a candy resolution jar for Cory.  It is full of treats and each treat has one of his resolutions written on it, luckily no of them were to "lose weight".  This jar now sits on his desk at work where he sees it everyday and anytime he wants a treat it will remind him of one of his resolutions.
For my resolutions I wanted to maintain and improve upon our temple attendance & scripture reading, I only missed 2 days last year, but how quickly I can regress into no reading if I don't really work on it.  I also had a sewing goal again of continuing to take sewing classes & completing 6+ projects where I learned and put into practice new skills.  One other goal I made was a financial one to finish paying my student loans off and to work on organizing my crafts.  You may wonder how craft organization is a financial goal so let me explain.  Anyone who knows me, know I LOVE CRAFTING!  I have tons of materials.  One weakness I have however is it is not organized and I have no clue what I have so I just go buy whatever I need to all new projects, which adds up fast.  Below is how my fabric was was overflowing on the top shelf of our closet.  After some inspiration you can see how organized my fabric now is. I had no clue I had half of that fabric, but now it is nicely in plain sight so I can readily use it for future projects.  You can see on the second self I have all my fat quarters folded up ready to use too. 
I also have learned that some scraps of fabric really are not worth saving and should be junked, but for the ones that are worth saving I have them folded up and placed nicely in a tub with my battings and other specialty materials.
I just love looking at it it now it is so pretty in all the different colors and fabric types.
I even picked out and grouped my fabrics to my next couple of projects a Valentine's apron & much delayed baby quilt for Cami.
Yesterday, I finished organizing buttons and silk flowers, up next the disaster pile of my ribbons and all my patterns.  I am really excited to have it all done soon and begin using it all one my next fun projects.  Sometimes I really am excited for all the good changes that New Years can bring!

Happy New Year or The Fergy Five Bite the Dust

On New Years the Fergy family woke up to a fairly normal day, but it became apparent as the day went on mommy and daddy were starting to feel a little under the weather.  It quickly went don hill from there. By the evening we both felt awful with some kind of supper cold flu.  Josh woke up on Sunday looking as white as a ghost with no voice and a fever. We took him to he Dr. that evening and he had croup and an ear infection. We gave him steroids and amoxicillin, which had him crawling and laughing by the next day. It was then I became a total mute which lasted for over a week. On Tuesday Phoebe woke up sick so we took another trip to the Drs.  Her diagnosis, croup and an ear infection, so we started her on the same meds as Josh.
The next morning Cami woke up with one eye red and swollen shut so again we were back at the Drs office.   Her diagnoses, cellulitis & pink eye, which meant back to the pharmacy for her meds.
That afternoon it was my turn at the Drs office where I got drugs for a URI.  Cory never went to the Drs, although I am sure he had the same thing as me.  It took our family a little over a week to recoup from our brush with what Cory and I swear felt like death itself and I hope now our family will be able to actually enjoy the new year.

5 Years of Wedded Bliss

On Dec. 30th Cory & I celebrated our 5 yr anniversary.  In celebration of this 5 yr milestone we decided to get away to a Bed & Breakfast.  We had a budget of $200 so we had to shop around for rooms that were not budget busters, but we found the PERFECT place The Providence Inn in Logan, Ut. We were really excited for our mini trip, however on the day before we left a storm rolled in to Ut so we worried that we wouldn't be able to make the 1 1/2hr trip north.  We started our trip by going to get chains for the car, which turned out luckily to be unnecessary, but you can see the weather was a bit sketchy looking as we traveled up.
Before we checked in we stopped in at th Logan Temple to do some sealings, but we forgot to take pics so we went back the next day for some pics.  We then checked in to the B&B but then were out again because we had dinner reservations at Hamiltons, a delicious Steak House in Logan.  Afterwards  Cory surprised me, by having tickets to go see the tourist, a movie I had been really wanting to see.
After the movie we finally got to enjoy our cozy cute room.  The next morning we went down to the parlor were we were had the place to ourselves and enjoyed a really delicious breakfast.
After breakfast we got to relax some more before heading out to the FREEZING cold day.  We had planned to take a sleigh ride among the elk, but Cory & I were to afraid to freeze our cans off (the high was 18 degrees) so we chose to head straight home instead.  I know, I know we are old fuddy duddies.
On the way out we took some pictures of the Providence Inn (Old Rock Church), but only got a couple before the battery in our camera died. This B&B is an old church and I really can't say enough great stuff about it.  We were not the only ones there, but we sure felt like it.  It was cozy, beautiful and at night they had free movies you could check out & warm complimentary cookies for all of the guest.
Here is the Logan Temple the day after we visited it and they were the last photos we were able to get before our camera died, which was took bad because the drive home really was BEAUTIFUL!!!  It was sunny and the snow on the mountains through the canyons was really picturesque.

Everything really was perfect & we enjoyed a nice time relaxing overnight for the first time ever away from the kiddos (thanks Madsen family for watching our wee ones) & since we normally don't anything extravagant for our anniversaries we plan are planning now to save up & celebrate our next milestone of 10 years on a cruise!