Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Princess Era Begins

I know most little girls go through a princess era where they want dress ups, sparkles & of course lots princess movies. Well this time has caught up with our wee bug through no help from us. Daddy tires of Cinderella, the Brandy & Whitney Huston version, & has hiding it & mommy doesn't like bugs to wear really nice dresses to play and get dirty in. This week however, we broke down and let our wee one wear the dress she throws a tantrum everyday to wear. Along with it she likes to carry a "purse", actually it's journal in the shape of a purse grandma got her in a happy meal, push her stroller with a baby in it tell us, & tell us "Bye, bye." I guess our little girly girl is just mimicking mommy, except I do not constantly swoosh my sparkly dress around and twirl like she does.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Shenanigans

Okay, here are the photos to prove that I haven't been following bed rest 100%. Since last Thursday's Dr. apt., however, I have changed my tune. I have been down all but 4 hrs of the day and those hrs get broken up with long rests in between. With all this "relaxing" rest, you know what you get? A very sore hip! It is all for a good cause though, to keep the wee ones cookin' as long as possible. On a side note: Don't forget to weigh in on my new poll to the right!
Well, back to naughtier times at one of the last Bee's games of the year. The game was as exciting as watching baseball could possible get (not very), but it did have a good ending. The Bees were in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs & one man on base and then as we were all wishing it would just end already.. a home run! We were all excited, but mainly because the game ended so the fireworks show would begin! We all loved the show and here are a few pics of it.

As for the rest of the labor day weekend we spent the time at Grandma/pa Fergy's House playin' and eating. We normally have a camp out in the backyard on that Sunday night, but no one including us was feeling up to it this year so we ate dinner, played a bit, then headed home and came back the next morning to enjoy delicious crepes. After breakfast it was playing and socializing time for the rest of the morning into the afternoon, until it was time naps; we all had a good nap. Afterwards it was time to enjoy another great BBQ before heading home for the night. Okay, so I did a craptacular job at attempting to be on bed rest, but it was still relaxing and I sat down most of the time, doesn't that count?