Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We are No Longer Homeless!!!

When I was gone in Oregon I would dreams that we came to Utah to surprise people and then it would dawn on me WAIT, I am home let's go see the new house! Well, finally on April 18th it came true. We got to see the new home for the first time since it was just a pile of lumber. The kiddos were thrilled at their new house and didn't want to leave it. We had to tell them over and over that we don't get to live in the new house until tomorrow.
After seeing the new house the kiddos and I took a not so little shopping trip to Ikea. The older kids got to go in the play are for the first time which they loved and always ask to go back to. Sophie was too little still so she came with me and man she was a big help!
After shopping at Ikea we got to go sign the closing papers, but still had to wait until the next afternoon to get the keys. If any one you really know me I don't wait well, so it was a stress-fully tedious day until 3pm when I couldn't take it anymore and finally had to call to find out it just barely recorded while I was on the phone and we were all good to go get our new keys.
Cory let me have the honor of unlocking the door to our new beautiful home.
As is fully clear, the kids were SOOO excited to finally be moving in their new home. Actually it was quiet a blessing, they slept through the unloading of the whole U-haul and most of the POD, which went quickly thanks to a few members of the Fergy family helping to unload.
I couldn't resist posting a picture of the POD finally being taken away a couple of days later,because for it me it was a symbol of finally all being and our new home and we could return to normal life, WOOHOO! Now to just find everything among sea of boxes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm Comin' Home!

The trip back to Utah was highly anticipated and a few weeks before we left I found out I would be making the trip alone. That's right, 850 mile with 4 kiddo SOLO! We started off a little worrisome  with Phoebe getting carsick in the first hour miles and requiring a FULL wardrobe change. Luckily after that one snafu the rest of the trip was one of the easiest ever! The kiddos were happy to listen to music and watch only one movie in the 2 day trip, which is unheard of. The weather was even great, except for 1 minute in southern Idaho where it was a blizzard. When we got to the Utah border Phoebe and I hopped out of the car for a nice quick pic, but after we discovered the wind at 20+mph making it freezing outside and Phoebe losing her shoe down a snake whole we were eager to run back to the warmth car!
We came back to Utah a day early to surprise Cory, which he was, luckily my SIL Amber and family were gracious enough to let our whole gang crash on their couch for the night. Th next morning we took the kiddo to Krispy Kreams for a treat. They loved watching the doughnuts get make and eating the melty warm doughnuts right off the production line.
After breakfast we finished the last 45 minutes of our big trip to surprise the rest of the Fergy gang. This trip turned out to be SEVERAL more weeks then we originally planned, but it was a fun trip and something I always will be glad that we got the chance for the kiddos to experience new things like what Oregon is like  in the winter, what being a dog family would be like and what it was like live so long next to grandma/pa Potts. The time, although long in the moment, flew by for me looking back and I am really happy to be home as a whole family again.

The Last Installment of Misc. Salem Happenings

Here are the last misc. tidbits and happenings of our temporary Salem residency.

Our poor Josh has always been cursed with the worst nose bleeds and we hoped by being in a wetter climate it would be the cure, but no luck so here he is with a tissue up his nose still happy with hi lot in life.
While in Oregon Sophie turned into a real book fanatic, she loved reading books over, & over & over again and when we weren't reading to her he found other books to look through, like grandpa's Reader's Digest.
The lat week in Oregon my mom and I finally got the chance to go through old photos to toss out picture of feet and random scenery  which was quite a bit actually and we came upon this old photo which is my brother and I on the outsides and our best friends growing up, which we still have contact with today, I loved the 80's style clothing.
The girls also found lot of time and entertainment dressing up in my clothes or creating wacky outfits our of their own wardrobes.
We also had a lot of time spent watching movies while eating their new favorite snack of marshmallow and popcorn!
Towards the end of our time the weather cooled down a bit so when we played outback Sophie dawned on her own warm crazy outfits, which included stealing coats & hats from Phoebe & wearing Cami's socks on her hands like gloves.
The twiners mainly hung out cuddling and relaxing with the doggies, their favorite pastime!
The last couple week Sophie got too big for crib and she knew it, we tried and tried to get her to lay in the crib, but he would only lat in their a long a it took her to crawl back out, about 20 seconds, so every night when I came to bed this is the cute scene I saw.
It is surprising to me that though we were only gone for 11 wks the kiddos really did grew up a lot!