Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sew Determined: June & July Editions

For June's sewing project I took a sewing class for rag quilts at a local shop and final made Josh his baby quilt. I know there are a million free tutorials on how to made this blanket, but it is always nice to have a set time where someone will sit down with you and give you a hands on lesson. The quilt I was suppose to make was enormous, so instead I made two smaller quilts and if you are one of the next ones to have a boy you could be the recipient of an identical beautiful blanket. I love the looks of these blankets and they are very forgiving, but there is just a ton of snipping, so I think Cami will get a slightly modified rag quilt in the near future.
For July's sewing project I took another free sewing class at a different quilting store in town. I learned to make a tote out of place mat, make box pleats & sew on handles. In the near future this will become Phoebe's new scripture/ Sunday bag. I know it is a bit big, but I am sure she will fill it with other little treasures or just use it as a purse.

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