Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Melting Pot

Last Night Cory and I went on a group date to one of the more expensive restaurants in SLC, The Melting Pot.  We had always wanted to go there, but it was too pricey, however, last week I got an email from a friend that they were having a group date deal and it was only going to be $25 a person, so we jumped on the opportunity to go.  Little to say things didn't pan out exactly at that price, but it was still some of the most fun I have had in a long while.  
The meal took about 21/2 hours to get through all 4 courses and at the end of it the guys were ready to try dipping anything in fondue, including lemon wedges in chocolate topped with pecans, which was described to be bitter sweet, but still good. This was one of our dessert fondues of dark chocolate and passion fruit infused white chocolate, DELICIOUS! The Fondue was called Yin-Yang and we thought it was cute that they designed it as such. That banana isn't suppose to be there, but dopey Cory was foolin' around and dropped it in there right as I was trying to get a picture of it...Husbands, can't live with them, but I would have to go get a job of my own without them.
Cory took the table's challenge to suck out the last of the chocolate sauce with a straw. He said it burned, but that didn't make us stop from making him do it twice to get a good picture of it.
If you can do the math you can see that it was a bit expensive for the 6 of us, but definitely worth it.  I would recommend to anyone, they have them in most states, to try it at lest once and especially as a group date!

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PMG Smith Family said...

I would so love to go there. That's funny, though, because fondue always reminds Peter of you, and now it always makes ME think of you too. haha :o)