Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oregon My Oregon

Last week we all piled in the Fergy van and paid homage to my beautiful home state of Oregon.  We traveled the 13 hr trip in two days.  The first night we stayed the night at my Grandma Hogan's House in Hermiston, OR.
The next morning we got up early and finished the trip to my parents house.  It was just in time too because ne noticed right as we got to grandma &pa Potts house Cami was really cranky and pulling on her ears so firsts things first we took her to the doctor Robert (my brother) worked for, who was so nice he saw her for free, and he confirmed that she did indeed have an ear infection.  Oh children have the worst timing!!! While Cami was in her misery Phoebe was in her doggies heaven, she never wanted to leave their sides she even tried to sleep in the doggies bed.
 During our trip we took the obligatory trip to the coast. This time it was only a day trip, which was plenty for our gang.  We started by  going to the Hatfield Marine Center to look at the octopus and play in the tide pool.  Phoebe loved the "starsfish" and the stickies, ie anemones.
After the marine center we hit the beach.  It was a beautiful day for the Oregon Coast, but still a bit windy and cool, so coats were needed.  We buried all the kids legs to try and keep them warm, but as you can see Phoebe was not much for staying in one spot for 2 seconds.
Cami learned to crawl while visiting Grandma&pa Potts (just like Phoebe did) and she kept crawling towards the ocean; she looked just like a baby sea turtle making it way to the sea.
Phoebe ran all over the beach with Uncle Robert.  She loved the water even though it was about 40 degrees and it stung my foot to touch.  At one point she even sat in the water in her clothes, then of course she sat back on the sand so she was covered in sand.  The rest of the night she told us she had no pants on because she had "a sandbox in her pants."
Josh was happy to sit in one spot the whole time like my angel boy.  I laughed when I saw this picture of him  making a sour face.  Then if you scroll down to his twins picture she made the exact same face.  Oh twinners are funny!
Here are a couple more pics of the twiners.  Josh just liked digging in the sand and Cami just liked eating the sand.  She is becoming more and more like Phoebe everyday, it is starting to make me very nervous!
After a good long while we made the hour trip back to grandpa&ma's house.
During our trip we also gt to enjoy a family and friends BBQ.  It was really nice to see lots of people I rarely ever get to see anymore.  Here is a picture of Phoebe in the back yard with Miles (the son of my old friend Brooke) riding my moms deer statues.  We also got time to sneak in a visit with Josh, the original.
As of last year Grandma&pa made it a requirement that once during our visit we have to go to Waterfront Park to ride the carousel.  Phoebe LOVED it & got to ride it twice.  The first time she rode Big Sky and the second time it was Razzel Dazzel.  Note the emblem engraved on Razzel Dazzel.  It made Cory and I laugh; a local ward must have painted it.
On the last night  of our visit we had an early birthday for Cory.  It was a surprise for him so my mom made the Banana Split cake he requested I make for his actual birthday while we were out picking 42.5 lbs of blueberries to bring home.  Cory got a very nice hummingbird feeder & some books he requested along with a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday sung by my brother.
After cake we had one last hot tub party, don't worry we also swam just about every other day of our visit too.  All the kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the pool.  Going swimming was one of the only things we could do to make Cami happy when she was especially fussy at times
We had to include these pictures because they were so funny to Cory & I.  This is my parents version of making things kids proof.
On the way home we stopped back in Hermiston to visit my aunt and we got caught in a dust storm.  This is what it looked like, I know it's hard to see, when we got back on the freeway.
I have to say this was one of my favorite trips home as of yet because we made it a point to not overbook ourselves and so we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Here are just a few random cute pictures from the trip.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had such a good trip. The CTR horse was painted by my Best Friends Dad who was a local artist in Salem. He panted most of the horses. He now lives in Utah.

I'm Paige said...

What adorable children you have. I super love the picture of Phoebe in the doggie bed.

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I love all the pictures and comments. I can't wait to see you this weekend!