Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look whose Thirty, Flirty and Thriving Now!

On the 24th of July Cory made the jump to join me as thirty something.  We started the day a bit later than normal since I hadn't wrapped anything and/or decorated.  It was a bit crazy still since we had only been back from our Oregon trip of only a 1/2 day, so after I made Cory go running and shower we had it all ready to start the party.
This birthday, Phoebe finally got the who gift opening concept so daddy got a lot of help opening his gifts, in fact she opened most of them for him.  After gifts we went to grandma/pa Fergy's house and had a family breakfast as we always do.  Grandpa even got the "pop cycle" down for Phoebe to ride.
These two twiners are so cute in their princess crowns and old man ID tags.
After lasts year's disastrous us ice cream Oreo cake, I vowed never to make a birthday cake for Cory again.  So this year I made a doughnut cake, an idea I got from the genius Emily Alder last year.  Not only did it look prettier than last years cake, but it tasted might delicious too!
Cory and Dave were born 20 minutes apart, I know quite a separation for twins, but Cory refused to come out after Dave and so he had to be an emergency C-section.  Which leads us to this scene where Cory was jumping around and dancing because Dave was already 30 & he was still only 29.
After the cake we went next door to have a delicious dinner with Jonny, a professional cook, pictured above.  He was throwing himself  a party because it was his birthday as well.  After the delicious BBQ and the sun went down, $1200 worth of illegal fireworks came out; this was Jonny's gift to himself.  The fireworks wwere the professional grade ones like the kind that stadiums use.  The show went for 1 hr and after that we were really done with seeing fireworks.  We loved how pretty they were, but we were sick of having ash & bits of wrappers rain down on us. All-n-all it was a fun day, but  we were ready to go home because we were one bunch of very tired Fergys!

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