Monday, July 26, 2010

Fourth of Julyish Festivities

This year since the holiday was on Sunday most of the celebrations and festivities took place on the 3rd & 5th of July.  We started the fun off with introducing Phoebs to an all-american treat, PoP Rocks!  You can see what she thought of it at first.  It only took her a second however to love it and want to devour the whole sack.
We then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the church with all of our ward buddies.  They also had a primary parade.  We don't have the largest primary so below is pictured the majority of what the parade was. Kids taking turns riding on the golf cart with a few stragglers following behind on their decorated bikes.
Immediately following breakfast we drove up to Afton,Wy to join some other Ferguson's (Dennis, Julie & Afton) & celebrate the holiday with Cory's Grandma Wilkes and aunt Carolyn.  We always have fun at grandmas house doing a lot of marshmallow roasting as Phoebs demonstrates so well. (If you could have seen her mallow closer you  would see tons of dirt, rocks and grass on it from the 26 times she dropped it on the ground or just laid it down, don't worry she never ate the mallow she just liked to pretend she was roasting it.)
We also got to enjoy a fireworks show from the comfort of grandma's drive way.  Phoebs now LOVES fireworks and anytime she hears a bang she aks if its fireworks. (You can barely see a firework starting to open above Cory's head.)
Phoebe also loved helping daddy make wood tepees for the fire and picking all of grandma's fuzzies from the ground, thanks to many cotton trees Phoebe was in bliss with all the fuzzies that were everywhere. 
There was also a lot of walks (one where Phoebe saw a cow poop and was so intrigued by it she still talks about it), napping and of course TONS of grandma cuddling time.
Here are the three cute babes all packed away to travel home.
On the way home daddy didn't think ahead and accidentally put a whole box of Lucky Charms in reach of Phoebe so it wasn't but 10 minutes before Phoebe discovered this error and slowly began to devour all the mallows out of one whole Lucky Charms box; luckily for Phoebs she sits in the back of the van and out of mommy's reach so I couldn't even stop her.  Once we were home our neighbors began to set off their fireworks  so we sat in our room and watched them all from our window.  After about an hour we called it a night  even though they were still going off because the kids had had a long day.  I however felt obligated to watch one of our neighbors fireworks show because they could only be described as totally plastered and were doing the STUPIDEST things ever (no one sober would do such dumb stuff such as running and jumping over/through fountain style fireworks WHILE they are going off) and it was inevitable that someone was going to get hurt and I felt the police would need a sober witness to describe what happened.
To finish off our weekend of festivities on Monday the 5th we invited ourselves over to Fergy Mom's house to celebrate a belated 4th of July BBQ & water party.

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