Monday, July 26, 2010

A Cosmic Night in July

For July's date night I went to the moon and back, well not literally but it was cosmic themed that is.  We made this date a double and invited Cory's sister Megan and finance Blake over. We started by each taking a window pane and decorating it with window markers of our cosmic universe. If you are curious whose is whose here is the key: Cory-white, Jennie-blue, Blake-red, & Megan- yellow.  A few highlights to take note of when looking at the windows. Cory's was the most artistic, I had a star named after my hubby in my window, Blake had a cow jumping over the moon/Megan (Phoebe loves this window because she thinks Blake's cow is an alligator or so she keeps telling me) & Megan hung a picture of Blake in the stars.
After admiring our art work we went to the back yard where I decorated the fence with silver and glow in the dark stars.  We donned on our cool glow jewelry that didn't really work and enjoyed roasting Starbursts (staying with the cosmic theme) and smores.
For fun I found the largest marshmallows EVER and we roasted those.  Here is Megan barely being able to fit her smores in her mouth.  The marshmallows were fun and different but not really practical and one is enough for anyone to eat.
After our treats we just relaxed outside and just stargazed, luckily it was a pretty warm night.  As you can see Phoebe joined us for our date.  When she saw that I was decorating the yard and that Aunt Maggie & Blake were her she started yelling very loudly "Mom I want In"  (she gets in and out mixed up) eventually I let aunt Megan go get her to join in on the party.
This has so far been one of my very favorite dates of the year!

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