Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Vegas Baby 2015

In the middle of May we were lucky enough to have a family vacation with my parents. Vegas is one of our favorite vacation spots even though we don't gamble because there is so much to see and for Cory so much to EAT!  We love walking through the resorts and seeing cool things like the Dragon for the show Ka and ginormous fish tanks in Caesar's Palace.
We also always have to visit M&M world to see the fun Ms and catch the 3D M&M movie.
This visit though they had a new store Hershey's World! I think I liked this store even better than the Coke and M&M stores! They had Statues made out of jelly beans, chocolate and Twizzlers! Plus there was free samples and lots more reasonably priced items that we were suckered into buying!
On the strip Josh ran into his favorite batman, which I tried to shew him away from because you have to pay for these pics, but he just wouldn't pass up this opportunity to meet Batman himself. Phoebe was super exited to see the Eifle tower and a casino that said Paris on it!
Everyday in-spite of the cooler temps the kiddos had to play in the kitty pool. I actually really liked this pool because it only got 2 ft deep and I didn't really have to worry about drowning  issues.
Our resort also had a small mini golfing course so grandpa Potts gave all the kiddos their first golfing lesson, which most just ignored and golfed however they wanted to.
Some of the other fun strip stops were to see the flamingos at the Flamingo, the pirates and ships at treasure island and the world's largest chocolate fountain at the Bellagio.
One afternoon miss Cami got into a little trouble and had to be put in timeout and when when we went to check on her she had fallen asleep on the hard tile floor, poor girl.
One night my parents babysat while Cory and I had a night on the town. We chose to have dinner at Emeril's New Orleans restaurant. Cory has always be interested in Cajun food and this was some of the best we have EVER had!!
We started off with frogs legs and alligator meatballs, which was so good we were tempted to cancel out meals and just order more of those.  I am glad we didn't because I had an apple cranberry chutney porkchop wa was to die for whole Cory had pecan encrusted Salmon that he was melt in your mouth!
For the entertainment we went and saw Ka (a cirque du soleil style program). the costumes and acrobatics were just amazing I loved it! We then walked off dinner a bit with a second visit to Hershey's world. It's nights like this that we LOVE visiting Vegas!
While in Vegas the kids discovered their true love for escalators. If you ever had to go anywhere they protested, we would just mention that it had escalators which was probably to because every building had at least one. It bugged me that they always sat on them, but no matter how may times I told them to stand it never stuck.
All my kiddos manage to talk their grandpa make them all fancy hot cocoa every morning. it was one of their favorite things about grandpa visits, even if it is 80+ degrees outside.
This Vegas trip was by far my favorite to date and as the kids get older the trips here only get more and more fun!

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