Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fergy Family April 2015 Tidbits

We started off April with Easter! This year my SIL Julie and I were in-charge of the Easter party and we decided to shake things up and hold it at a church this year, which turned out to be awesome! We started the party off with big-o breakfast buffet, which was to die for especially Julie's french toast casserole... it was sweet HEAVEN, rolled up in a fattening casserole!
Like last year we did a photo op for all the families, except for the Moreno's who were still in Cali.
Another big difference this year was all our Easter games were Glow-in- the dark. We had glow in the dark tick- tac-toe, bowling, ring toss and Glow in the Dark Easter Egg hunt. This pic. doesn't do it justice, but it was pretty cool to see several 100 glow in the dark eggs waiting to be hunted.
Our kiddos came home with a couple dozen glow sticks each. they had then everywhere on them and in our house.
This year our new Smith's had a pretty cool egg and Candy hunt, just look at all the candy loot and what you can't see are the hidden eggs in the shelves with cool free food coupon in them. Even with ALL the candy everywhere Phoebe managed to get only 1 piece of candy.
To make sure all kiddos when home loaded the managers opened tons of extra bags of candy and just dumped them in kids bags. we came home with 8 lbs of chocolaty goodness, man we LOVE our Smith's!
Between General Confernce Sessions the kiddos and I took time to dye our gorgeous Easter eggs.
Right before we headed to bed we made sure to plant our magic Easter beans, which this year grew EOS lippy!
As always between Grandma/pa Potts and the Easter Bunny we were totally spoiled!
For breakfast we had our traditional resurrection rolls, which the kiddos helped make the night before.
Since this year we had a back yard that wasn't just weeds and thorns we held our very first annual Fergy family backyard Easter egg hunt. The kiddos took turns hiding 6 eggs each, so we actually had to do 4 hunts, but they LOVED it and will definitely be doing it again next year!
Dinner this was awesome as always, plus I made a cute new Italian Easter bread, that will now be part of our dinner tradition, they were almost too cut for me to eat! 
A couple days after Easter my SIL Julie and I went to a special book launching party for some of our favorite food bloggers, Kate and Sara from Our Best Bites. We got to meet them and have yumm-o treats to snack on, a pretty fun night out!
Our local store had some strawberries on sale for really cheap so I got 2 flats; here thy are all washed up ready to be de-stemed and frozen. I think this is just really pretty pic.
April also held our semi-annual sisters & Mom after noon out. this time we tried a fun new French bakery, Ava's. We then walked & shopped City creek and ended our day our at Ruby Snap, which has some of the BEST cookies ever!
Since Easter fell on General Conference weekend this year all our kiddos wore their cute new Easter duds to church the week after Easter.
After having the material for over a year I finally got around to sewing our roan shade curtains, which turned out adorable. They were a bit time consuming since I had to make-up a pattern and how to assemble them. I also finished making the large yellow flower that is new to the window, which is all paper. It was so easy to make and only involved me burning my fingers with hot glue about a dozen times.
The middle of April brought us one last snow storm, which the kiddos took full advantage of.
I am not sure Sophie is eating her lunch with her helmet on or why she has it in backwards, but the pictures turned out pretty cute of her.
I love how all my kiddos will cuddle up to watch movies together and even nap together.
For one of our FHE's we talked about Family Home Evening and why we have them and the promise that comes with having them and then we celebrated the 100 yr anniversary of the church announcing the FHE program.
We have always joked about when the time would come that Sophie would out-weigh Phoebe and though the time is not here yet Sophie and Phoebe are now the same weight, it's only a matter of time before our oldest is actually the littlest.
Spring time brings with it springtime "fun" like fixing sprinkler systems that burst over the winter. Of course it burst right where we had a maze of pipes coming together. We were super proud of ourselves for fixing one of those grown-up problems when we had no clue how to do it. Yeah for us for figuring it out, we felt like real adults.
These pictures of Cami are random of her eating her beloved cereal in the dinning room in her camping chair, but they were pretty cute.
April was a busy month with the holidays and a bit of a roller coaster of weather, but I think Spring has finally sprung!

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