Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Festival of Lights

This year to try something new I chose to visit the festival of Trees. I was pretty sure that Phoebe would love it and just hoping that the others would at least be tolerant of it (I try and set my standards low so I don't have constant disapointments and frustrations when I find out that my children are in fact children & don't always act like perfect young adults).  

Right before we left for the festival I was trying to round everyone up and became panicked when I looked and looked for Josh and he ignored my yelling for him after frantically checking all closets and the garage I eventually found him curled up in a ball of the FREEZING bathroom floor, poor guy! I know he can open doors so I am not sure why he chose to be shut in the COLDEST room in the whole house.
We chose to go to the festival on a Friday afternoon, hoping it would not be sooo busy, but we were wrong it was PACKED!
We unfortunately did not have some cooperative kiddos in our group so we only got to see some of the big trees. The ones we did see for the most part were amazing. I really liked the up tree so creative! Since we are Duck fans we had to take a picture of Phoebe next to a rubber duck homage. Cami eventually got tired and just put her legs up and drifted to sleep. I have to say except for one 30 fit from Phoebes the kids were pretty great.
After some cousin meltdowns grandma (who was tending) had to leave which meant that our time was up too.  I had to push 2 double strollers to my car & after trying and failing to push then out the door and across the street one lady offered to help me to my car. She had kids of her own, but she still ran with me across the entire South Town Expo parking lot to my car, I am pretty sure she will get extra stars on her crown in heaven for helping me!!!  When we aived home it was too late for kiddos to nap and most of them only had small cat naps so we put on a holiday movie and snuggled together on the couch.
The displays at the festival were pretty amazing and I am hoping that we will get to go again next year and enjoy more of it.

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