Friday, December 23, 2011

Workin' at the "car" wash...

Last week Cory's office had another ribbon cutting ceremony for a new fire station opening, remembering now much the kids loved the last one we decided to do it all again!
Once again they had the truck wash, one of the kids MOST favorite activities. Phoebe scrubbed and polished away at that truck until there was not a drip of water left on it. Josh dried for a minute until he got board & Cami was mainly just too worried about the water they got on the ground spraying down the truck to actually dry any of the truck off.
ALL of our kiddos, even miss Sophie, enjoyed their fire hats and stickers this time without any injury of snapping themselves.
 Phoebe even got to sit in the drivers seat of the truck which she still tells about "driving" the truck.  This opening had a lot news coverage including the paper, a prominent local news corresponded "Big Budda" & another news station. We were hoping to get to see our kiddos on the new so we told Grandma Fergy to watch for them. Unfortunately, when the time came for the news we forgot and later found out that they had closeups of Phoebe doing her superb cleaning job on BOTH stations and now neither station has the videos they broadcasted on their sites.  NUTS!!!

I guess we will just have to do it all again at the next ribbon cutting next summer!!!

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