Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ruby Red Socking

Last year we started a new tradition auctioning off a Christmas stocking for charity. Last years theme was Baby's first Christmas, this year we chose the theme of The Wizard of Oz. To match the theme I made the stocking the Wicked Witch of the East's stripped stockings and Ruby Red Slipper. It took quite a bit of time to create so it would only be fitting that 3 days before it was to be turned in Cami got a hold of a permanent marker and colored all over it.  Here's the sad aftermath:
I LUCKILY was able to salvage the ruby ed slipper and re create the socking its self in a couple hours.  Here is the whole stocking and its goodies right before it went to auction. In case you can't tell it has the movie, some dress-up slipper and Glendala necklace, a wicked mug with 16 lollipops, and 4 collectors character barbies, which are VERY expensive.
I am happy to say that in the end the stocking sold for $200 to raise money for kids and their at Primary Children's Hospital. We are already brainstorming several idea themes for next year (pirates, foodie, dance/ballet). Got any great ideas???

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