Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fergy Food House 2011

A few years ago, probably about 3 to be exact, I bought a gingerbread house kit from Joanns with the intent to take a class on decorating them, however the class got cancelled and I never rescheduled it. I packed the house away in our Christmas box and every year I took it out with the intent of making it, but then eventually just repacked it away. This year when I took the gingerbread kit out Phoebe knew exactly what it was and immediately began asking when were could put it together, well I managed to stall her for one week before I finally broke it open to assemble it together.

After mixed the frosting up and initial assembly, Cory was in change of siting at the table for a long time and holding the house together until it hardened. He didn't mind too much he zoned out watching his college football games.
My job was to on basic house elements for decorating like the roof, door, & windows. Don't look too closely at my handy work I told you already I never took a class on doing it so it looks a might special.
The kids were thrilled at their part candy eating decorating. The candy was SOOO old in the box that much of it could have been used to instill blunt force trauma, but oh well, it just meant that some it actually did get on the house and not just all in mouths. 
The finished product. We had fun doing this, but next year I think for ease of assymbly and decoating are going to try thte stacking cookie tree kit.

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