Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa is Everywhere you Want to Be

This year Santa had been prominently visiting all the Fergy kids; which is why I have pictures of all the kiddos with a diffident Santa. Visit #1 (twins) my camera battery died after only one picture. Visit #2 we happened to be at a store where Santa was and my camera died the night before leaving me with no picture of Phoebe & Santa. Visit #3 We finally were someplace Santa was with both a working camera and Sophie. 
 This year many of my neighbors were trying something with a Photo company called FotoFly, where a parent dresses up as Santa and you get promised adorable pictures, so I tricked Cory into coming (I omitted where and what we were doing until we arrived) and dressing up like Santa, which the kids loved...and yes I know they cut off Santa's head n the pics, that's the point so you think it really was Santa and not see just a  skinny Cory or some terrified kid as a stranger dressed weirdly holds them on their lap. I have to say I thought they were GREAT & definitely WILL be going back to do this again!
After the 5-10 min picture shoot you  for wait for 20 until they have your disc with all your edited pictures ready, so we watched an ice sculpting demo AMAZING!  I couldn't believe they made such delicate work starting with a chainsaw.
We also went and saw Santa's reigndeer on display, which was Phoebe's favorite part.
After we got our Photos we went down a couple block and drove through the holiday light display. It was not the best display ever, but the kids sure liked it a lot so I could see doing that again too. 
Overall this was a pretty fun night and if you find your self wondering what to do next year for some holiday fun give all this a whirl  we look forward yo next year when we will do it all again!

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