Thursday, December 22, 2011

7 Months Old

This month Sophie Marie turned seven months old and she is getting pretty tricksty. She has decided she only needs one marathon nap a day instead of two.  She can hold her own bottle, but refuses to most of the time.
She also gets on all fours all the time and can do a sort of army crawl, that involved ricking back and forth to get enough momentum to lung her body forward. This usually leads to some sort of funky break-dance kind of land which she is never happy with, but still continually does it.
Sophie still has no teeth and still is perpetually happy even if she is being neglected due to siblings taking up all the attention. Even though Sophie doesn't technically crawl yet she NEVER stays in one spot for long. She can barrel roll and wiggle to where eve she wants and often we she has wiggled her way under the Christmas tree to look at the lights. 

Due to her incessant wiggling this months photos took 2 days to get. Every time I set her down she immediatly did a pelvic thrush to try and crawl away. 

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