Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day '11

Our weeest turky was just about the same weight as our delicious turkey this Thanksgiving!
As we do every year we enjoyed a delicious thanksgiving meal at Grandma+pa Fergy's house. This year it was just us and Dave that joined so we ate at the table, the twins in highchairs & Sophie in her seat.
After our yummy meal it was actually warm enough to send Daddy outside with the kiddos and play while we cleaned up he kitchen. The kids had a TON of fun running out but I am sure they would have had more fun it their cousins could have been there too.
After playing & cleaning we layed the younger ones down for a good nap while the res of us read through the Black Friday Ads & enjoyed dessert. Then about 6 it was time to head up and rest up for the funnest shopping day of the year!

On Friday I went shopping at 4am and LOVED it! Most all of the stores were empty and I still got everything that I wanted.  After several hours of shopping it was time I donned on my apron and made our small Fergy Family Thanksgiving.  It was way good this year and I even made my own rolls from a new recipe I found, & they were some of the BEST I have EVER tasted.
Even with 2 giant Thanksgiving meals I an proud to say I kept my weight loss in check and continued to lose another 1 1/2 lbs this week for a total of 15 lbs!

When asking Phoebe what she was thankful for this year she said:
Princesses,  my baby (Sophie),  a warm house, Thanksgiving, my princess movies, warm blankets, warm food (how ironic for her since she NEVER eats), family, & my Ring-Around-the-Rosie (her new favorite thing to play).

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