Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Crazy Kids & A Thumb Sucker

Phoebe likes to on most days dress herself which usually turns out to be some crazy weirdie outfit, a fine example of such is noted above.
The twins are crazy high energy ALL the time and always are looking to make something into a game and this night it happened to be Phoebe's sunglasses which they fought over who got to wear and laugh running around in.  You also may not we had to start dressing Cami in her pjs backwards so she would STOP undressing herself down to her birthday suit every night.
About 2 wks ago Sophie decided that she was going to be a thumb sucker. Although she is really cute doing it  I mainly think, "Oh no not another one" so every time I see it I take it out of her mouth. It is a hard habit to break, Phoebe is 4 had we still can't get her to stop, so for Sophie's sake later I have stop it before it gets too habit forming.

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