Monday, November 28, 2011

Double Datin' Daddy

Last year Cory took Phoebe out on a daddy daughter date to Disney on ice and Phoebe loved it so much that even a year later she still talked about it, so we just HAD to do it again. Cory took a quick cat nap with the twins before braving the crowds with Phoebs.
Cassie and her daddy joined Cory and Phoebe again this year, but also Katie and her daddy were able to join in the daddy daughter date. The gang took trax down town, Phoebe just LOVES the train and since she only rides it once a year she thinks it only runs to take people to the Disney show all year.
During intermission Cory took Phoebe to pick out a treat and once again she went with the mini pretzels. A girl after mommy's own heart.
The first half of the show had several mini Disney stories, but the second half was all dedicated to the princess. Phoebe told me when arriving home that they went and saw some Disney show ate lunch and then went to a second show all about the princesses!
After arriving home it wasn't much time before bed times and then Cory and I had our date. We had a tailgating date while watching the UofO Stanford game, which turned out to be a GREAT game! We donned on all our UofO gear and got out the UofO blanket to enjoy our game day food of wings, nachos, & cream soda. We also had a little date crasher come and join us; lucky for her she is so cute or we would have sent her right back to bed.
Final score:
Oregon 53 Stanford 30

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