Monday, November 28, 2011

The First Snow Day of Fun

We got our first real snow in the beginning of November this year and the kids were THRILLED.  The twins never really ventured out in the snow last year since they weren't walking yet so this was a first for them.  The kids were eager to get all the snow gear on which seemed like it took forever especially when they tried helping me by dressing themselves, hints why my gloves are on Cami's feet. We finally got all dressed up and I quickly realized Cami has out grown her coat so there is a big space between her gloves and end of the jacket sleeve and Josh has no snow shoes so he went out in furry clogs. Since this day, however, we have remedied most of our sizing issues.
The girls loved the snow and ran right out in it.  Josh, our cowardly lion, didn't like the crunch of the snow so he sat for the first while on the lawnmower out of the snow.
Phoebe was eager to make our version snowmen again so we brought out the old carrots and candy. The kids helped put on the smile, you might note how crooked they are.
I taught Phoebe how to make snow angles this year and she loved doing it so much she swished and swished her arms and legs until there was no snow left under her.
After we enjoyed all the snow in our yard and grabbed a snack off the snowman's face we walked to our neighborhood park to play.
The kids loved going down the snowy slides & walking through all the piles of untouched snow.
After we were all thoroughly frozen to the bone we walked home to take hot baths, drink hotcocoa & watch a movie together snuggled on the couch.

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