Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fergy Football Fun

In the beginning of November Grandma Fergy had a fun idea to do a fun football celebration for all the grandkids because she saw tons of cute football theme food in stores, so we went ready in our game day player and cheerleader gear. We first started off with a fun football obstacle course, which my kids didn't really get. Cami mainly just ran around and Josh played in the leaves.
After playing out in the windy day we came inside and enjoyed a true Fergy football feast
Grandma also gave little footballs to all the boys and pom poms to all the little cheerleaders.
Afterward we went back outside and decorated our football themed cookies made up of trophies, helmets, & footballs.  Josh was a true conesure of frosing decorating, he knoew exactly what to do and didn't even eat the frosting.
Cami on the other hand didn't get any frosting on the cookie, it went straight from the bowl to her knife and into her mouth. made her really happy so I let her. 
Phoebe quickly got distracted from decorating her cookies, anything involving food isn't her favorite activity. Josh was the only one to eat his cookies, he went straight from decorating to sitting on grandmas stairs enjoying all 3 of his deliciously decorated treats.  
This was really a fun cue idea for a party and hopefully it will be a new Fergy football tradition!

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