Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trunk-or-Treating the Fergy Family

Every year the Fergys gather together the Friday before Halloween and have a Fergy Family Trunk-or-Treat so we can admire each others costumes. This year for Halloween our family chose the theme of Wizard of Oz. We chose this theme because Phoebe has been asking to be a witch for Halloween since last January & Josh is a real life cowardly lion. Cory protested greatly about having to dress up as the Tin Man, he wanted to 1. Not dress up at all & 2. If he had to dress up he wanted to be the All Knowing Wizard, but I vetoed both requests, because we needed the TinMan. I LOVED our family costumes this year!
Phoebe was naturally the wicked witch of the west, but her cousin also wanted in on our theme shoe SHE chose to be the "Dead Witch" aka the Wicked Witch of the East. So here are the two witchy sisters together.
Side Note: Do't you love the height difference, Lilly (on the right) is a whole head taller than Phoebe and she is 2 mos younger than Phoebe.
Grandma Fergy had a whole wonderful meal made including 2 cauldrons of homemade rootbeer or witches brew as we called it.
Josh being in TRUE character of a cowardly lion was scared of the witches brew and had to be held by daddy.
After eating our fantastic meal we all donned on coats over our costumes and went trunk-or-treating to each of the different Fergy Families.
Minus Afton,who is on Ireland & Sophie, who was sleeping, here are all the Fergy clan cousins. Showing all the candy loot.
Phoebe and Cami immediately dug into their candy and began to devour it. Josh was too tired to care about his treats.

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