Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween Day'11

We started off our Halloween in the Fergy home with an orthodontic consultation for Cory, where we found out he has 2 options 1. Surgery for $40,000 or2. Braces for 2 years for $5,500. Gee can you guess what we will opt for??? After the consultation Grandma Fergy joined me for a bit-o-spooky fun at the aquarium where they had the rain forest section all spookified. The kids loved it especially this rat that bounced and made noises when you touched it.
After the aquarium we quickly trick-or-treated daddy office and then ran Phoebe to preschool, where later that day she had a Halloween program for family. While waiting Phoebe got board of sitting and decided to lay down, which made for pretty cute pics.
The class sang about 6 songs and Phoebe, who is normally anti-song & dance, even sang.  It was really cute and we were sad daddy had to miss it so we taped it all for him & we posted one of her songs here.
 After preschool we went home and began to get ready for our ward trunk-or-treat which was at 5 that night. I forgot to take pics, but we all looked the same as when we went to the Fergy Trunk or Treat 3 nights before.  After the ward trunk-or-treat we got our traditional Halloween night Chinese food (this is the only time all year we get it) and went home. We chose not to do door to door trick or treating 'cuse it was cold and the kids had enough candy already. Overall we had a pretty great Halloween.

One last note, because I am a mean mom the next morning I cleared out almost all the Halloween candy we accumulated between all the kids and I sent to work with daddy. My kids haven't missed it at all and I surely don't miss any of the fights/tantrums it would have caused.

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