Sunday, November 13, 2011

IHOPping for FREE Food

The Friday before Halloween kiddos had so school & IHOP was having a deal for FREE Spooky Face Pancakes for kids so we thought it would be fun to gather everyone up and go. We met the Medico clan there at 7am, early enough daddies could also partake before they went to work. The kids were all still in pjs and we practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves besides 1 other couple in another corner.
You ca see the pancakes came with whip cream partial faces, but they also came with a little cup of candy so kids could decorate the rest of their spooky faces.
Cami's face only had 3 teeth, 'cause she ate the rest. Josh's pancake was complete 'cause we helped him.  Phoebe did her face all by herself and she pretty much ate NONE of it, so good thing it was free. 
Miss Sophie had a bottle and Cory and I got a real breakfast, so in the end it saved us no money, but the kids all enjoyed it especially because their cousins came to join in on all the fun.

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