Monday, April 18, 2011

Fergy Spring Girl's Day

A couple weeks ago the Fergy girls went on our semi annual Girl's Day Out.  This time we chose to visit
 a old fashion general store in Layton and the head to lunch.  I don't have any pics from the store, but here we
are enjoying a delicious lunch at Gourmandise.
Last time I visited this place we enjoyed their wonderful breakfasts but this visit was dedicated to lunch and once again they didn't disappoint. Their sandwiches were so large I couldn't hardly fit my mouth around them without making a mess and squeezing out all of the middle fillings. I also visited the bakery/pastry shop this time and splurged to enjoy 2 desserts, a cookie and chocolate mousse.
After the lunch we headed back to moms to enjoy some craftiness with personalized name plates.
The finished product.  I haven't hung it up yet still looking for the right spot, but it was a cute idea!
Afterwards I headed home to help Cory paint the living room but the rest of the girls then headed back out for some more fun shopping.  Maybe next time when we aren't on such a baby time crunch I will stay for all the festivities.  Thanks for another fun semi-annual Fergy Girls Day out!


PMG Smith Family said...

Where did you get the pictures for the name plates? I LOVE them.

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I wish I could've been there!