Friday, April 22, 2011

3 1/2, 18, 37

This week has been filled with milestones for all of our family. Phoebe in now 31/2, the twins are 18 mos (today) & as of yesterday I reached full term (37 wks). In celebration of 1/2+ year of growth we have all new stats for everyone.
Phoebe Elizabeth (3 1/2 yrs old)
Height: 34 1/2 in (not on chart)
Weight: 23.2lbs (not on chart)
Camille Cossette (18 mos old)
Height: 33 in (95% for girls)
Weight: 23.3lbs (40% for girls)
Joshua David (18 mos old)
Height: 32 in (50% for boys)
Weight: 22.6 lbs (10% for boys)
Mommy & Sophie Marie (37 wks pregnant)
Height: 60 in
Circumference: 54in

Misc pictures from the last month:
Cami and Josh are both climbers & LOVE to climb on the chairs and sit at or ON the table so to stop this we have to lay our chairs on their sides.
Josh is our resident electronics lover.  He races after anything remotely electronic even old phones.  He picks them up and has whole conversations on them.  He is probably one of our more talkative children, but if he is around anyone besides us will suddenly go as silent as the grave.


Matt and Christy said...

Wow, Jennie. You are really going to have your hands full! I feel your pain. Your kiddos are so cute! And little. Our twins that we just adopted are on the opposite end of the scale. They just turned 18 months, and they are 34 pounds and 28 pounds. Geez.

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Josh's face looks REALLY skinny. His chubby little cheeks are fading. How sad:)