Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter & Spring Sewing Endeavors

I know I haven't posted anything this year on my sewing endeavors so here is what I have been up to in a nut shell. 

For my resolution this year I wanted to still continuing sewing, but instead of doing one project a month my goal was 6 larger projects fir the year & to continue with taking misc sewing classes.  So far I have taken 4 sewing classes this year: sock monkeys (which I have yet to still finish mine), hair bow making, magic binding receiving blankets & machine binding.

Since I never finished the monkey and hair bows aren't worth picturing I will show you the blankets I have been making. First are the magic binding receiving blankets. I have loved making these simple blankets! They turn out cute every time and they are simple to make.  In fact so far I have made 6 of them.  I gave 3 away before I took pics, but here are the remaining 3 I still have.  Too bad I am not having a boy to use them, but god news for girls in my ward soon having one.
Next has been my largest sewing endeavor of the year, a new blanket for Sophie, but not just any blanket my very first real quilt.  I have made this mostly using scrap fabrics I had.  I have had to make a few runs to the fabric store for not only materials, but quilting instruction and advice, luckily I gave a good quilt store about 3 blocks away & they are more than willing to help a beginner out.
I haven't gotten to the binding yet, but I just took a classes on applying machine binding to quilts so hopefully this week I will finish that up.  So far I am really excited about how it has turned out. Especially since I have done all the quilting myself, I know the stitching isn't perfect, but I am still pretty proud of how it is turning out!

My next endeavors, within the next couple  weeks, are a mini quilted hanging banner and a Minky blanket so stay tuned for more of my sewing endeavors.

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Taylor Family said...

Save one of those cute boy blankets for me if we get a boy this time. Sewing is something I would love to get good at. I love seeing your projects.