Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying to Remember Why

Today has been one of those rough mommy days where I think I yelled at one point so loud I strained my voice... to my defense, I yell so I don't beat. So tonight I am blogging about some of the cute things my wee ones do so I remember why I stinkin' love them so much.

Lately, Cami has been really interested in dressing herself. She is always trying to unzip her pjs or put shoes on. Last week I came to get her after her nap to find she started to undress herself by taking her arm out of the sleeve & neck hole. She tried to put other outfits on, but couldn't figure it out how so instead she just carried those outfits with her under her chin as if they were put on correctly.
The twins can't make up their mind if they still need 2 naps a day so sometimes they sleep in the morning and sometimes they just play in their room for all of morning nap.  SOMETIMES, however, they do sleep in the morning and chose to play for all of afternoon nap, this is never ideal so luckily it doesn't happen often, but when it does we either get crank-o kids or wee ones who look like this at 6pm. This little man was so tired he slept right through dinner and the rest of the night.
Miss Phoebe has been our true trial lately, but even on days when I am near tears with frustration over her, she still manages to make me laugh. Such as when she get her arm or bulbous head stuck in her shirt she always tells me, "Help, I can't get this stinkin' shirt to work."  In fact she can work the word stinkin' in almost any sentence, which is humorous (ex. I stinkin' love you guts Mom). Phoebe also amazes me with all that she is learning lately.  I tired to joke with her a couple weeks ago about seeing a man on a lift under a bridge. I told her, "Look at that silly man way up there, get down silly man."  Her response was, "No, mom I fink their fixin' the bridge." How she figures these things out all on her own when we have NEVER even discusses anything remotely on that topic before never ceases  surprises me.
I love the funny face she is making in the first picture it is like she is giving the camera the stink eye... her smiles can sometimes be a bit special for pictures.

I guess I remember now why I love these rotten kids so much, hopefully they just got it all out of their systems today and tomorrow they will all be angles...here's to hoping!

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Help! I can't get this stinkin' shoe to work!