Friday, April 22, 2011

April's Date Night: The Rainbow Connection

For April's date night I came up with the theme The Rainbow Connection. We invited our neighbors Krisi and Eddy over after we both had put our wee ones to bed for the festivities.  We began our rainbow theme date night by sculpting with $1.99 sculpting clay. To make things interesting we had rules to our sculptures..we had 25 different colors which we placed in he middle of the table & then took turns choosing one stick of color until all was gone. We had to use all of our clay in the sculpture and had only about 20 minutes to create our scenes.  Afterwards we voted for our winners...1st, 2nd 3rd, & Thanks for Trying. Can you guess who built what???
Jennie did the hamburger & fries, Cory did the duck pond, Our neighbor Krisi did the rock band and her husband Eddy did the braids/braided rug (left to our interpretation).
Cory won 1st place, Krisi was 2nd, I came in 3rd and Eddy got Thanks for Trying. After sculpting our master pieces we partook in Eddy's amazing rainbow cake.  It looks way rich, but it wasn't, it was just colored white cake which we then smothered in whip cream and strawberries.  It was so good we all had 2 helpings!
After our treat we played a game called pirates dice with rainbow colored dice, to match our theme night.  It was kind of a random date I made up, but it was cheap, fun & relaxing especially because I didn't do the cooking for it!

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