Friday, April 22, 2011

Fergy Egg hunt

Every year the whole Fergy clan gathers together for the Annual Fergy Family Breakfast & Egg hunt. This year we had delicious crepes with all the topping you could possible want.  Phoebe & the twins (who eat nothing lately due to teething) even ate multiple crepes.
After our breakfast dinner we had all the daddies hide the eggs for the the kiddos to find.  Phoebe did really well this year finding her own eggs to put in her basket. Grandma even got each of the grandkids their own  pool noodle and sun glasses to hunt out. Our kids LOVED the pool noodles a little too much and they have since been re-hid in our garage due to swinging them around and overall annoyances with them.
The twins were a little bit too young to get the egg find concept.  Josh just mainly ran around yard and tried to eat cousin Zach's eggs. Cami was more interested in the dog next door than finding eggs, until she discovered there was candy in the eggs, then she just sat down and started eating eggs.  Eventually daddy just had to go around the yard and find all the rest of their eggs for them.
Cousin Afton discovered the chocolate in her eggs too and downed a candy bar before she was found out.
Phoebe loved opening the eggs more than eating the candy inside of them so Mom & Dad scored well again in the candy department.  Man, will we be be sad once they begin to care that we eat most good candy.

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