Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Locks of Love "Donation"

What happens when you can't be everywhere at once... nothing good.  Earlier this week I was down stairs with Cami finishing one of 90 projects left to do before our new arrival in 4 short weeks when Phoebe was upstairs playing with Josh.  These two playing together is usually a ominous situation, something I didn't think about until I came upstairs to see these chunks all over my bedroom floor.  
As my eyes doubled in size I quickly ran to locate the source of SO MUCH hair.  This "lovely" beautician's hair cut is what I found.  After quickly assessing all the damage it was quickly apparent that it was more than I could fix so I called my neighbor in a panic to come help help me out.
Phoebe sat pretty well for her first professional haircut done in our kitchen.  She really didn't like the cape so after only about 4 minutes we had to pull it off.
The results were pretty good I think and as an added bonus now we don't have to fight soo many tangles & tears when doing our hair.  After many many sessions of lecturing on why we stay out of mommy 7 daddy's bathroom drawers and that only mommy's cut hair, this confession & apology of our up and coming beautician. 

Oh kids, I hate when they are so naughty, but at the same time so cute you can't punish them without smiling and getting pictures/video of all their mayhem.


Motion DeSmiths said...

"I'm *so* sorry."

That was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I love how she was so sincere and serious:) I miss her cute little voice!

Stacey said...

At least she didn't cut it near the roots like my children did. You were able to cut it into a cute little haircut. We got a little boy out of ours and a lot of growing!