Friday, June 28, 2013

Our First Out-of-Towner Visitors

Right after attending the baseball party at Grandma Fergy's we were super thrilled to get out first visitors in our new home Grandma & pa Potts and doggies.  The first night we just relaxed and enjoyed riding bikes and the view of things front our front porch.
The nest day we were excited to take grandma & pa Potts out to the new Scheel's and show them all the fun stuff there is to do like pose with LOTS of random figurines,ride the Ferris wheel, play in the shoot range, catch fish & eat yummy cheap ice cream in the cafe.
 After Scheel's we wanted to take them to another Fergy favorite spot the West Jordan Water Conservatory Gardens. We had fun running around the grounds looking and day dreaming of future prize winning landscapes we will have one day at the new house.
It was a pretty warm day so we were pretty will spent after those trips so we came home ate and then make the cute Mother's day gifts for both grandmas. The next morning we went bright at early to drop off Grandma Fergy's love plants (tomatoes) and then gave grandma Potts her cute pot the kiddos made when she came over later that evening for dinner.
On Monday we took the our visitors to the new city creek mall where is was mostly empty AWESOME and then we played played played in the fountains, The kiddos got drenched, especially when Cami eventually fell in   one.  Good thing I had some extra clothes and bought a few more while I was there!
When tried to dry off in the sun, but eventually we just had to wander back to the car and change into some dry clothes for dinner at the Golden Corral, a Potts family favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, we will never enjoy the restaurant the same after this trip where Josh has the most horrendous bowl explosion and just had to be carried at a distance out of the restaurant to grandma and grandpa's hotel luckily close by where we could shower him down.  Oh kids they never stop being a supper fun adventure. Oh well, we still loved the time we had with Grandma+pa Potts and look forward to their visits every year!

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